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Club premises certificates

Application evaluation process

A club can apply for a club premises certificate for any premises which are occupied and used regularly for club purposes.

Applications should be made to the licensing authority for the area in which the premises are situated. An application form can be download on the right or click on the link to apply online.

Applications should be submitted with a plan of the premises which must be in a specific format, a copy of the rules of the club and a club operating schedule.

A club operating schedule is a document which must be in a specific format and which includes information on:

  • the activities of the club
  • the times the activities are to take place
  • other opening times
  • if alcohol supplies are for consumption on or off the premises or both
  • the steps that the club propose to take to promote the licensing objectives
  • any other information that is required

Responsible Authorities and other persons may make representations about an application.  Representations must be made in writing and must relate to one or more of the licensing objectives to be 'relevant'.  If relevant representations are received, the licensing authority must hold a hearing to determine the application.  In determining the application, the licensing authority may grant the application as submitted, grant the application with conditions, exclude a licensable activity from the licence or reject the application.  If no representations are received, the authority must grant the certificate as submitted.

If there any alterations to the rules or name of the club before an application is determined or after a certificate is issued, the club secretary must give details to the local licensing authority. If a certificate is in place this must be sent to the licensing authority when they are notified.

If a certificate is in place and the registered address of the club changes the club must give notice to the local licensing authority of the change and provide the certificate with the notice.

A club may apply to a local licensing authority to vary a certificate. The certificate should accompany the application.

The local licensing authority may inspect the premises before an application is considered.

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