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Gambling and Betting Licences - More Information

7. Licensing Policy

7.1 Section 349 of the Act requires all Licensing Authorities to prepare and publish a Licensing Policy (the 'Statement of Principles') setting out the principles it will apply when carrying out its functions. The Policy must be reviewed at least every three years.

7.2 Licensing Authorities must consult the following bodies on their Policy:

  • Police
  • Persons who represent the interests of persons carrying on gambling businesses in the authority's area
  • Persons who represent the interests of persons who are likely to be affected by gambling

7.3 The Policy has four main purposes:

  • To advise members of the Licensing Committee (and other elected Members)
  • To inform applicants
  • To inform residents
  • To inform a court at appeal

The Council reviewed its Statement of Licensing Principles in 2018.  The revised Statement was formally adopted by full Council on 10th December 2018 and will remain in force until 30th January 2022.  The revised Statement can be viewed on this webpage.

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