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Garden Waste

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We offer a fortnightly garden waste collection service. We provide a 240L wheelie bin as part of this service. The service runs from 1st June-31st May. The service costs £55 for the year.

Sign up or renew existing subscription

The simplest way to sign up for the service, or renew an existing subscription is via our online application form.

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Cancel subscription

In the event that you do not wish to renew your subscription, please ensure that your bin is emptied on your last collection and we will arrange for the bin to be scheduled for removal.

Collection dates

Garden waste is collected fortnightly. Find my collection dates.

Terms and conditions

When you subscribe, you must agree to the service's terms and conditions.

Sticker guidelines

Please view  our sticker guidelines (PDF) [52KB] for details on how to display your garden waste sticker.

Home composting options

If you are interested in composting at home, Torridge is working in partnership with who can supply a range of low cost home composters.

Compost Bin


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