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Taxi & Private Hire Licences

Information on Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver, Vehicle and Operator Licences.

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The Council has a duty to license taxis ('hackney carriages'), private hire vehicles and persons driving or operating these vehicles. Licensing vehicles and drivers ensures minimum safety standards are met and provides protection for the travelling public.

Taxis and private hire vehicles can be licensed to carry up to eight passengers but they operate in different ways. Once a vehicle is licensed as a taxi or private hire vehicle, it can only be driven by a person who holds a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Driver's Licence issued by the Council. Driving a licensed vehicle without the appropriate licence is an offence. If you need further advice, please contact us.

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Contact Details for Licensing Team


Telephone: 01237 428700

Taxi & Private Hire Driver Licences

In order to drive a taxi (hackney carriage) or a private hire vehicle you will require a driver licence. The Council issues combined Taxi (Hackney Carriage) and Private Hire driver licences so you will only need one licence to drive either type of vehicle

Taxi Vehicle Licences

Taxis (sometimes referred to as hackney carriages) may ply for hire on any public road, street or thoroughfare and wait on appointed taxi ranks. A licence is required before you can use a vehicle for hire and reward.

Private Hire Licences

Private Hire Vehicles are not allowed to ply for hire in the same way as a hackney carriage. The vehicle must be booked in advance of the hiring. This is normally done via the telephone or in person at a booking office.

Licensing Policy for Taxis & Private Hire Vehicles

As part of its commitment to improving its regulatory services, the Council has developed a licensing policy for hackney carriages ('taxis') and private hire vehicles.

Hackney Carriage Demand Study

The Council commissioned its latest study into demand for hackney carriage ('taxi') services in Torridge District in 2022.

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