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Using interactive mapping

Using the Search by Area tool

Some web maps are set up to allow you to search for features within an area which can be customised as required. This tool is accessed by the Search by Area option in the menu. From here, you can select what you want to search for as well as the area you want to search within. This area can be drawn or selected from a layer which is already on the map.

Alternatively, you can drop a point to use for searches. As well as selecting the area or point for search, there is an option to add a buffer to the search point/area using the box at the bottom of the menu to add the optional buffer and define the size in metres. After identifying the type of search area, you will be asked to identify the search area by clicking on the map. At this point you can run your search and a pop up will display the results.

The search results are separated by layer, and the drop down at the top of the results pop up will allow you to jump between layers.

Search by area

It is advised to keep the search areas small to ensure the search doesn't fail.

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