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Community safety

Preventing Extremism

While there is no specific threat to Devon, the UK faces a continuing threat from both international and domestic terrorism and its important that the public remain alert. Together we can fight terrorism and extremism to keep our communities safe

Preventing Violent Extremism (Terrorism)

We do not stigmatise any community or look to criminalise people for holding extreme views. Instead we seek to prevent individuals from using, or promoting, violent activity as a means of promoting these views. These views can be religious, political or a specific issue such as animal rights.

Report it

If you see or hear anything suspicious, be it a vehicle, package or person - report it. It's difficult to define what makes something suspicious so we advise people to rely on instinct. Something just not right, makes you concerned or uncomfortable? - report it.

If there is an immediate threat to life, call 999

Information from the public is acted upon and potential security risks are taken seriously. This might mean that sometimes roads are closed and buildings evacuated, but we are sure that people in the region understand that public safety must always be the first concern and would react in their usual patient manner. 

We are also sending a clear message that we will take action to protect the right of all communities to pursue their way of life as they wish, free of the fear of violence and intimidation. 

Vigilance on the part of the public is one of the best ways of preventing and detecting crime, including terrorist crime. We firmly believe that communities defeat terrorism. Please report if you have any suspicions - it doesn't matter if it proves to be a false alarm.

For more information, see the Safer Devon website

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