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Community safety

Northern Devon Radio Link Scheme

The Northern Devon Radio link scheme is managed by Torridge District Council, and currently has schemes running in Bideford Town Centre, Bideford Rural (Northam and Westward Ho!), and Torrington.

The scheme provides local business with a handheld back-to-back radio, with permanent talk through capability. This means that members can communicate with each other, the CCTV Control Room, and PCSOs.

Information regarding crime, disturbances, and nuisances are transmitted, and members can also use the scheme to request assistance from others.

The objectives of the Northern Radio Link are to:

  • promote and increase the safety of members and the public.
  • reduce the levels of actual crime and address the fear of crime.
  • provide training for all members, to ensure effective use of the radio scheme.
  • improve communication between members.
  • regulate the management of the radio scheme.

The Northern Devon Radio Link scheme allows users to talk to each other directly or make a broader circulation regarding persons that are causing a nuisance, disturbance or committing a crime. These communications can also include information about likely offenders they know to be in the town centre.

Radio Link may also be used periodically to provide information about stolen cheque books and credit cards. With this information being passed between members of the scheme businesses are kept up to date of persons who have been acting suspiciously in other shops and businesses, enabling them to protect themselves.

Members of the scheme have access to all other users, including the Town Centre CCTV Control Room. The Police also monitor the system when appropriate, and the PCSO's can communicate via the system, providing a support network.

If you are interested in finding out more about the scheme or would like to become a member, please contact:

Richard Haste, Operational Services Manager
Telephone: 01237 428963

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