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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about The Clean Maritime Innovation Centre

1. What does CLEAN mean?

It is all about reducing emissions to keep the planet in a sustainable climate. At the same time as keeping our population healthy - air pollutants can cause health problems. Clean energy aims to bring a true impact on the world!

2. Why Maritime?

Clean innovation in the maritime sector is crucial to the UK's zero-emissions targets. Shipping as an industry is responsible for 2.5% of the current global emissions, and we are keen for northern Devon to be at the heart of the future clean propulsion industry, whilst the Floating Offshore Wind proposals in the Celtic Sea (below) also offer a range of growth areas.

To be successful it requires collaborative global leading research and development alongside businesses who are prepared to make a real impact. Appledore has been pivotal to the UK's maritime sector in the past.  The proposed centre places the area's proud heritage firmly at the heart of its future!

3. Why are the universities involved, and what will they be doing?

Torridge has never had any university presence before. The new centre will act as an anchor to support local businesses to access high-quality research and development spaces. At the same time, it will attract other businesses and investment into Torridge and support the South West's existing marine innovation strengths.

4. How does this benefit us?

The project creates genuine economic benefits across the community, generating opportunities for future generations. The centre is forecast to create an initial 90 jobs and have over £60million's worth of impact to the local economy.

It brings with it high quality, well-paid jobs, inspiring our young people in the process. But it is also about jobs for all, from marine engineering through to welding and even catering- building an economy which is less dependent on seasonal, low-paid roles.

5. Where is the money coming from?

The project has been awarded £15.6m of funding from the Levelling Up Fund issued by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities. The project was developed to support the levelling up agenda - providing investment to support jobs and economic growth in an area which has been left behind, whilst also stimulating skills improvement and helping to deliver on Net Zero objectives. A copy of the winning bid can be found here  Appledore Clean Maritime Innovation Centre LUF Bid 2022 (PDF) [648KB]

6. What is FLOW?

Floating offshore wind (FLOW) is a fast-growing renewable energy resource. It enables wind turbines to operate in deeper seas, where the winds are stronger.

Where? The proposal for at least 4GW (that's enough to power about 3 million homes!) will be 60 miles from Appledore in the Celtic Sea. The Celtic Sea is one of the best potential sites in Europe for FLOW. It won't be visible from dry land, but the proposed Centre in Appledore will be a catalyst to our area by providing an anchor for research and development roles for the work, as well as to explore how additional benefits can be achieved- for example by growing seaweed on the base of the turbines to stimulate another local sector- one which is forecast to be worth €9billion across Europe by 2030! 

Why? FLOW will play a significant part in the global fight against climate change. The UK Government wants to see 40GW of (FLOW) offshore wind capacity by 2030. We want to make sure that as many of those benefits are felt by people in Torridge and northern Devon. The Appledore Clean Maritime Innovation Centre will really anchor those activities in the region, stimulating further jobs.

7. How will this help our young people?

We are also working closely with Petroc and schools across the region to make sure that we are supporting young people to have the right skills to be able to access these future jobs. These proposals will see Petroc being able to offer a wider range of specifically maritime-focused courses, whilst we will also be working with both primary and secondary schools to build teaching materials and engaging units to enable young people to thrive and to have the option to stay locally and work in meaningful, high-impact employment.

8. How do I get my business involved and find out more?

Please get in touch with Chris Fuller, Torridge District Council's Economic Development Officer, to find out more details about the proposed centre and to see how your business might benefit and be at the front of the queue! Please e-mail on

19 January 2023



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