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Community Projects

We want to hear about potential plans and projects for your communities. Occasionally, TDC will receive planning applications for housing in and around your communities which have potential to come with financial contributions. When this happens, organisations and local councils need to have projects that are ready to go. Please have a look through our open space/built facility guidance and then complete the community projects suggestion form which can be stored by the Economic Development Team at TDC. If you have any questions, please email

Victoria Park

              Community Project Suggestions

S106 Contributions explained

GI Requirements

(Policy DM10)

Type of Provision

Primary Purpose*

Play Space Child

Provision for young children - LEAP (TDC follows Fields in Trust Guidance)

Areas designed primarily for play and social interaction involving children, such as equipped play areas, nature trails ............or similar schemes

Play Space Youth

Provision for young people - NEAP (TDC follows Fields in Trust Guidance)

Areas designed primarily for play and social interaction involving young people, such ball courts, skateboard areas and teenage shelters or similarly schemes

Combined Parks, Sport and Recreational Grounds

Parks and Gardens

Accessible, high-quality opportunities for informal recreation (lakes, ponds, lidos, woodland, flower beds, shrubs, ornamental trees, play spaces, toilets, cafes and car parks but not necessarily all of these) and community events.

Outdoor Sports Facilities

To enable participation in outdoor sports, such as

  • pitch sports (football, rugby, cricket etc), bowls and athletics
  • an area of mown grass used primarily for informal, unorganised ball games and similar activities (including dog walking)
  • Other recreational sites that are used exclusively or predominantly for other organised sports such as bowls or tennis.

Natural and semi-natural green spaces, including urban woodland

Wildlife conservation, biodiversity and environmental education and awareness.

Amenity green space

Opportunities for informal activities close to home or work or enhancement of the appearance of residential or other areas.

Green Corridors

Walking, cycling or horse riding, whether for leisure pursuits or travel, and opportunities for wildlife migration.


Allotments, community gardens and urban farms

Opportunities for those people who wish to grow their own produce as part of the long term promotion of sustainability, health and social inclusion.

*Aspects defined further in TDC Local Plan

Built facilities

S106 Contributions Explained

Policy ST23

Type of Provision

Primary Purpose*

Sports Facilities

Indoor sports facilities (built facilities) such as Indoor Swimming Pools and Sports Halls

To enable participation in indoor sports, such as badminton, swimming and gymnastics.

Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP)

To enable team sports (such as football/rugby) participation on an outdoor but all year round facility

Community Facilities

Community, Village and Church Halls

To enable participation in community activities, clubs and societies.

*Aspects defined further in TDC Local Plan

Other consideration

Public Art

Public Art may include such provision as murals and water features and commissioned design features in walls, paving or signage

Raising the quality of life by raising the quality of the environment through permanently enhancing the function, character or appearance of the area.

Town Centre Improvement and Public Realm

Town centre enhancements to publicly owned streets, pathways and publically accessible open spaces

To support a well designed, easily maintained and inclusive street scape in town centres that provides a prosperous, vibrant and safe environment for the shoppers, visitors, businesses and the wider community.


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