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Change of Circumstances

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The Law says you must tell us if there is any change to the information we have used to decide your entitlement to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support.

You must tell us as soon as the change happens. If you delay telling us, you may not get what you're entitled to, or you may get too much and would have to pay it back - or even have your benefit stopped. You could even be faced with criminal charges for fraud.

What you need to tell us about:

Changes in income

  • Changes in wages, maintenance, works pensions, tax credits and so on.
  • If any sort of income starts, stops or the amount you get goes up or down.
  • If you start or stop work.

Changes in benefit

  • If you start or stop getting Income Support.
  • If you start or stop getting Jobseeker's Allowance.
  • If you start or stop getting Employment and Support Allowance.
  • If you start or stop getting Universal Credit.
  • If any other benefit starts or stops or the amount changes.
  • If a tax credit like Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit starts or stops, or if the amount changes.

People who live with you

  • If anyone comes to stay with you or moves out.
  • If anyone who lives with you starts or stops work.
  • If there is any change in the income of someone who lives with you.
  • If you have a new baby.
  • If a child leaves school or changes school.

Bank accounts, savings, investments

  • If there is any change in your bank accounts, savings, stocks, shares and so on (although not the minor day-to-day ups and down of a current account, or changes in the value on the stock market of the stocks and shares you have).

Private rents and housing association rents

  • If your landlord puts your rent up or down.
  • If the services included in your rent change.
  • If the part of the property you live in changes. For example, you may move to a different room in the same property or take on extra rooms.

Other changes

  • If you become a couple.
    If you have a partner we treat you as a couple and we count your partner's income and savings, as well as yours, when we work out your benefit and support.
  • If you move home.
  • If you move away from home.
  • If you become a student or finish your course.
  • If you go into hospital.
  • If your landlord changes.

These are not full lists. If you're not sure, tell us about a change anyway and we will let you know if it affects your benefit or Council Tax Support.

There are different rules for people who get Pension Credit.


Tell us about a change of circumstance by completing the revelant form below:

Change in Income (PDF) [84KB]

Change of Address (PDF) [60KB]

Change of Circumstances (PDF) [14KB]


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