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Search Turnaround Time

The Council's current search turnaround time is currently approximately 10 working days from acceptance of a complete and valid application (i.e. correct and completed forms, full payment of correct search fee and provision of a suitable search plan).

Search turnaround times are not guaranteed and will fluctuate due to demands placed on the service and our resources. Regrettably, we are not able to confirm an expected Search Result return date.

We accept that search results may be required as a matter of urgency, however, we would be very grateful if chase up calls and emails could be avoided. The Council will endeavour to deal with applications and issue results as quickly as possible.

We suggest that our search turnaround times are considered and taken into account when submitting searches and setting transaction deadlines/schedules. Applicants should ensure that applications are complete and valid in order to avoid increased delays, additional work and costs.

Torridge District Council does not offer a service to expedite search applications upon payment of additional fees.


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