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Local Land Charges (Searches)

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The Local Land Charges Team is responsible for providing this Council's Local Authority Search process. This includes the maintenance of the Local Land Charges Register, the issue of Official Search Certificates and responses to the Law Society's CON 29 Enquiries of local authority (2016).

Torridge District Council is committed to the provision of an efficient, effective and value for money Local Land Charges Search and Enquiry Service. The articles found on this site are intended to provide useful information about this service. Where relevant, "related articles", "links" and "downloads" can be found on the right of the web page.

Local Land Charges

A Local Land Charge (LLC) is a restriction/prohibition or a financial charge on the land or property that is binding on successive owners or occupiers. Local Land Charges would not normally be disclosed by an examination of the title deeds or by inspection of the land or property itself.

Our Aims

Torridge District Council's Local Land Charges Team will :-

  • endeavour to ensure that the search replies and correspondence are processed efficiently, accurately and as soon as possible;
  • publish the Council's Search Turnaround time. To view the council's search turnaround time click here
  • publish the Council's Search Fees and give as much notice as is reasonably practical of any adjustment and, except in exceptional circumstances, change fees annually on 1st April only. To view the Council's Search Fees click here
  • publish and set out the services available to persons who attend the offices in connection with "Personal Searches" of the Local Land Charges Register. To view the Council's guidance and information document detailing the Council's Personal Search process, contact information and access arrangements click here
  • publish the name of the person to contact for any complaints about the service provided (and for individual searches). For information click here
  • inform the applicant if the search response is likely to be delayed and explain the reason why;
  • assist with search related enquiries.

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