Street Naming and Numbering

The naming and numbering of streets and buildings in Torridge, is controlled by Torridge District Council under the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847. We deal with all queries relating to new streets, renaming properties and confirming official addresses.

The purpose of this control is to make sure that any new street names and building names and numbers are allocated logically with a view to ensuring, amongst other things, the effective delivery of mail and that emergency service vehicles are able to locate any address to which they may be summoned.

Anyone wishing to change the name or number of their property or seeking an address for a new property should apply in writing to us following the procedures detailed in the Street Naming and Numbering Policy

Please do not contact the Royal Mail or Post Office directly should you wish to change your property name or apply for a new address.

New Developments

You should inform the Street Naming and Numbering Officer as early as possible of any new developments, whether these are 'new builds' or property conversions, where new postal addresses are required. Any delays in registering a new address with us will only cause problems in selling your property. Please complete Form SN2, which is available in PDF format for you to print, or MS Word format, which can be completed electronically:

pdf icon Form SN2 - Application for a new postal address [187kb]

For further guidance, please refer to our: pdf icon Street Naming & Numbering Policy and Procedure [251kb]

We will inform Royal Mail who will add the address to their "Not Yet Built" file. We will also inform HM Land Registry, the Emergency Services and other recipients of address information, a full list can be found in Appendix A of the Street Naming and Numbering Policy.


There is a fee of £72.00 per application, plus a fee per property (as shown below):

  • 1 to 10 Units - £12.00 per Unit
  • 11 to 100 Units - £6.00 per Unit
  • 100+ Units - £1.50 per Unit

* We cannot charge for issuing you with street names and numbers as this is a Statutory Service that the Council has to provide. We will be charging you for providing this information to the Royal Mail who add this to their Postal Address File and issue a postcode to make a postal address. The Royal Mail will not accept address data from anyone other than the Local Authority. This charge also covers the costs in providing the data to organisations such as the Emergency Services and HM Land Registry.

Why do certain companies not hold my address details?

We will inform Royal Mail who will add the address to their "Not Yet Built" file. The Royal Mail will only make the address "live" when the property becomes occupied and is capable of receiving mail. Many companies purchase address information directly from the Royal Mail only when the address is in the "live" file. This is why certain companies may not hold your address details on their systems.

The local delivery officer will inform the Royal Mail Address Development Team as soon as a property is occupied so it can be made live and it will then show on the Royal Mail Website at http://postcode.royalmail.com. If, you believe that this hasn't occurred, you should contact Royal Mail directly to check. Please telephone: 08456 011 110 and press option 3 and then option 1 to speak to an advisor.

Property Name Changes

If you wish to change your property name, or add an official 'alias name' you must follow this procedure. The Royal Mail will not accept name changes from anyone other than the local authority.

To request a change to a property name, the owner must complete the relevant application form. Requests can only be accepted from the owners of properties and not tenants.

We cannot formally change a property name where the property is in the process of being purchased, that is, until exchange of contracts, although we can give guidance on the acceptability of a chosen name before this.

A check is made by us to ensure there is no other property in the locality with the name. Under no circumstances will we allow a replicated name in the same postal area, the Street Naming and Numbering Officer can refuse such names. We also strongly recommend against similar sounding names to existing properties, although we will not refuse these. However, the Royal Mail cannot guarantee mail delivery if our advice is ignored. You should also be aware that owners/residents of properties that are affected by your choice of a similar sounding name may take legal action if they have delivery problems caused by such name changes.

Under no circumstances will we allow a name that is offensive, or can be construed to be offensive.

If the property has a house number, it is not possible to replace the number with a name. However, we will allow you to add an 'alias name' to the address. The name will be held by the Royal Mail on their 'alias file' and will not form part of the official address, the alias name can only be used with the property number, not as a replacement of it.

Once all checks are satisfactorily complete and any necessary fees received we will change the name of the property and advise the relevant parties including Royal Mail, Land Registry, Council Tax, the Local Land and Property Gazetteer team and emergency services.

We will then confirm in writing to the owner of the property, the new official address.

To make your application, you must complete Form SN1, which is available in PDF format for you to print, or MS Word format, which can be completed electronically :

pdf icon Form SN1 - Application to change or add a property name [267kb]

Please ensure you read pdf icon our street naming and numbering policy [251kb] for further details before completing your application.


£48 per property for any cosmetic change (i.e. Change of Name or Addition of Alias Name). Where an application affects multiple units (e.g. Flats) the charge is £48 per unit.

Address Confirmation

If you need to check an address we suggest you use Royal Mail's Online Postcode Checker . Alternatively they can be contacted by telephone:

Monday - Friday, 8am to 6pm:    0906 302 1222 - 50p/min from a BT Landline
Monday - Friday, 6pm to 8pm:    08457 111 222 - Charged at Local Rates
Saturday, 9am to 5.30pm:          08457 111 222 - Charged at Local Rates

If you require, for any reason, confirmation of address please contact this office and we will be able to provide you with an official letter detailing your address details. Please note that this service will incur a £29 charge per property.

How do I apply to change my property name, or register a new address?

Please read the pdf icon Street Naming and Numbering Policy [251kb] which is available to download from this page. The policy contains important information about the application process.

You should apply using the relevant application form, available to download from this page. Two forms are available, both available in PDF and Word Formats:

pdf icon Form SN1 - Application to change or add a property name [267kb]

pdf icon Form SN2 - Application for a new postal address [187kb]

The National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG)

The NLPG is the authoritative, national address list that provides unique identification of land and property and conforms to British Standard BS:7666 (2006). All new and amended addresses created by us are BS7666 compliant and we update the NLPG on a continual basis, enabling daily updates to be available to users.

All local authorities create their LLPGs using common data entry conventions, based upon the national standard BS7666:2006, and submit their LLPGs to the national hub. Each record has a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) which provides a reference key to join related address records across different datasets. Even if a property is demolished, the UPRN can never be reused and retains its historical information.

NLPG data is cross referenced against Council Tax, NNDR, VOA and Register of Elector Records to ensure we have a continual address match across all datasets.

Further information about the NLPG can be found on the NLPG Website