North Devon and Torridge Local Plan 2011 - 2031 (Adopted 29 October 2018)

The North Devon and Torridge Local Plan 2011-2031 was adopted by Torridge District Council on 29 October 2018 and forms the key part of the development plan for Torridge.

The first joint North Devon and Torridge Local Plan has been adopted and will now shape the future of northern Devon.

The Plan was adopted at a meeting of the Full Council on 29 October 2018, held alongside a meeting of North Devon Council. The North Devon and Torridge Local Plan now forms the key part of the statutory development plan for both Councils and will be used in determining planning applications.

It has been prepared with the aim of ensuring that future development is well planned and managed effectively whilst having a positive impact on local communities, the economy and the environment. It provides a consistent approach to planning into the future across the whole of northern Devon.

Inspector's Report on the Examination of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan

The draft North Devon and Torridge Local Plan 2011-2031 ("the Plan") was submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination on Friday 10th June 2016.  Torridge District Council, along with North Devon Council, received the Inspector's Report into the examination of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan on the 11th September 2018. The Report concluded that, subject to the application of a range of Main Modifications set out by the Inspector, the Plan may be taken forward to adoption.

In accordance with Regulation 25 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Development)(England) Regulations 2012 (as amended), the Inspector's Report was published and made available. The Inspector's Report and accompanying Appendix of Main Modifications, is available to download below, or can alternatively be viewed at Council Offices and libraries across northern Devon during normal opening hours. 

pdf icon Inspector’s Report on the examination of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan [366kb]
pdf icon Appendix to the Inspector’s Report – Main modifications [2Mb]

Further information on the Examination of the Plan, including all relevant documents, are available on the Plan's Examination Website.

Local Plan Examination

A Planning Inspector, Mrs Wendy Burden BA DipTP MRTPI, was appointed to examine the Plan following its submission in June 2016. Her role was to determine whether the Plan was sound and issue a report with her findings. Hearing sessions were held as part of the examination between 22nd November and 6th December 2016 and on the 16th and 17th January 2018. The Programme Officer for the examination was Mrs Julie Chandler, who managed the administration of the examination on behalf of the appointed Inspector and acted as the liaison between the Inspector and representatives of the Councils. The Programme Officer had no involvement with the preparation of the plan and reported directly to the Inspector. Any correspondence or queries relating to the examination process were directed to the Programme Officer. Further information about the examination is available on the examination website.

Examination Library

The examination library is hosted on the examination website and provides access to all of the documentation associated to the examination of the Local Plan. It contains all of the formal Examination Correspondence (EC) along with the Submission Documents (SUB), Core Evidence (CE) and the secondary Evidence Base (EB) which are referenced in the Plan or which have been used to support its preparation. Printed copies of the Examination Correspondence, Submission Documents and Core Evidence are also available for inspection at the Councils' Offices at Lynton House, Barnstaple and Riverbank House, Bideford during normal office opening hours.

Further Information

Local Plan Submission - 10th June 2016

Submission in accordance with Part 20(3) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and Regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning)(England) Regulations 2012.

North Devon Council and Torridge District Council submitted the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan 2011-2031 (along with the required supporting information and documentation) to the Secretary of State for independent examination on Friday 10th June 2016.

The 'submitted plan' considered by the planning inspector was made up of the Publication Draft (2014), plus the changes proposed through the four subsequent consultations which were undertaken between March 2015 and February 2016.  The original publication draft along with the series of proposed changes are set out in the documents labelled 'SUB1 - SUB5'.

Taking Part in the Local Plan Process

As part of the process of preparing the Local Plan there has been a number of opportunities for the community and stakeholders to get involved and have their say. 

Community involvement lies at the heart of Local Plan preparation and to this end the ways to get involved or have your say are laid out in a specific document - the Statement of Community Involvement.

Consultation Portal

The Council has a dedicated online consultation portal that will offer opportunities to get involved or have your say via the internet. The consultation portal will offer various ways to get involved in the preparation of planning policy documents. You will be able to view and download documents, submit your comments online, fill out surveys and potentially take part in debates via online forums.

Register Your Details

If you wish to be kept informed about appropriate opportunities to get involved in preparing planning policy including the Local Plan then please provide us with your details. You can do this by:

Once registered, we will then get in touch to inform you of any appropriate opportunities to get involved and have your say. Your details will only be used to inform you of these opportunities within Torridge or in any joint opportunities with North Devon Council. Your details will not be passed to any third parties for any commercial uses.

  • Supporting Material

    Alongside the documents of the Local Plan that guide and shape development within the area, there are a range of formal supporting documents that help guide it's preparation and monitor it's implementation.

  • North Devon and Torridge Local Plan - Part 3: Rural Areas

    North Devon and Torridge District Councils have worked with Parish Councils and local communities to prepare village plans to contribute to the preparation of Part 3 of the Local Plan. These village plans will form part three of the draft North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, guiding development in the rural areas up to 2031.