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Cemetery fees

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The Fees for Financial Year 2023/24 have been reviewed and agreed by Council Members. These new fees will affect all cemetery services provisioned from April 2023 to March 2024.

The new fees can be found here.

For more information, please contact the Cemeteries team.

Fees for Financial Year 2022/23

Cemeteries ServiceTDC ResidentsNon-residents
Adult Single Full Interment£682.50£1365.00
Adult Double Full Interment£835.00£1670.00
Adult Triple Full Interment£971.50£1943.00
Under 16 Full IntermentFreeFree
Adult Ashes Interment£157.50£315.00
Under 16 Ashes IntermentFreeFree
Scattering of Ashes£81.50£163.00
Interment at Weekend Additional Fee£157.50£315.00
Exclusive Right of Burial Grant - Adult*£551.50£1103.00
Exclusive Right of Burial Grant - Under 16*FreeFree
Exclusive Right of Burial - Renewal (Plot Vacant)*£551.50£1103.00
Exclusive Right of Burial - Renewal (Plot In Use)*¹£147.00£147.00
Exclusive Right of Burial Grant - Ashes*£81.50£81.50
 Chapel Services Additional Fee²£121.00£242.00
Memorials - Erection of Headstone£184.00£368.00
Memorials - Erection of Tablet / Vase£65.50£131.00
Memorials - Additional Inscription£38.00£76.00
Register Search Fee¹£46.00£46.00
Copy of Register Entry Fee¹£46.00£46.00

* Pre-booking of graves in Northam & Torrington is no longer available. All Exclusive Right of Burial Grants currently available are valid for 25 years from purchase.

¹ These fees are not covered by the TDC resident discount.

² Chapel services include use of the chapel and overnight laying of a coffin.

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