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Cemetery fees

Currency Symbol - Pound

The fees below will be required for all cemeteries services provisioned from April 2024 to March 2025.

Cemeteries ServiceTDC Resident FeeNon-Resident Fee
Adult Single Full Interment£1,181.25£1,575.00
Adult Double Full Interment£1,443.75£1,925.00
Adult Triple Full Interment£1,679.25£2,239.00
Under 16 Full IntermentFreeFree

Adult Ashes Interment

Under 16 Ashes IntermentFreeFree
Full Interment at Weekend Additional Fee£271.50£362.00
Ashes Interment at Weekend Additional Fee£64.00£80.00
Exclusive Right of Burial Grant - Adult Full Burial*£953.25£1,271.00
Exclusive Right of Burial Grant - Adult Ashes*£141.00£188.00
Exclusive Right of Burial Grant - Under 16*FreeFree

Exclusive Right of Burial - Renewal (Plot Vacant)*

Exclusive Right of Burial - Renewal (Plot In Use)*¹£170.00£170.00
Chapel Use / Services Additional Fee²£209.25£279.00
Memorials - Erection of Headstone£318.75£425.00
Memorials - Erection of Tablet / Vase£112.50£150.00
Memorials - Additional Inscription£66.00£88.00
Register Search Fee¹£53.00£53.00
Copy of Register Entry Fee¹£53.00£53.00


* Pre-booking of graves in Northam & Torrington is no longer available. All Exclusive Right of Burial Grants currently available are valid for 25 years from purchase.

¹ These fees are not covered by the TDC resident discount.

² Chapel services include use of the chapel and overnight laying of a coffin.

Please note that all Double & Triple Burials require the EROB to be purchased at or before the time of booking.

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