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Burglar alarms

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In certain situations the local authority can take steps to silence alarms (if necessary entering premises by force), where the alarm has been sounding continuously for more than twenty minutes, or intermittently for more than one hour, which is likely to give persons living or working in the vicinity of the premises reasonable cause for annoyance. Contact the  for further advice. In these circumstances the local authority may also invoice the owner of the premises for all reasonable expenses incurred. Where necessary further action could be taken under statutory nuisance procedures to prevent any recurrence. This would involve the service of an Abatement Notice and failure to comply with this could be liable to a fine of up to £5000.

The Code of Practice on Audible Intruder Alarms 1982 requires:

  1. That audible intruder alarms are fitted and installed to comply in full with BS4737.
  2. That audible intruder alarms are maintained and operated in accordance with BS4737 so as to prevent false alarms.
  3. That where a cut-off device which will operate within 20 minutes is not fitted, the alarm owner informs both the local authority and the Police of at least 2 keyholders who will respond within 20 minutes to disable the alarm.

For many years, Devon & Cornwall Police has provided a benefit to businesses and individual residents by recording details of their keyholders. This enables a responsible person to be called out if an incident occurs at your property if you are unavailable, for example if you are on holiday.  

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