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Bed bug bites cause red, irritating marks/ lumps, but not everyone reacts to the bites. However some people develop a more severe skin reaction and can experience disturbed sleep.

Bed bugs are not known to spread diseases, but can cause irritation and distress. If clients and customers experience a bed bug infestation in the premises you manage, they are likely to complain and request a refund, report on your company negatively and be unlikely to want to do business with you again.

Signs of an infestation

  • Red irritating bits, typically in rows on your neck, shoulders, back, legs or arms
  • Clusters or dark spots (about 1mm wide) that look like an ink dot, are usually found on the bed frame or on the bottom side of the mattress
  • Small blood-smears on the bed linen or head-board
  • Finding the small brown insects in and around your bed frame and sleeping area

How to prevent bed bugs

It's impossible to prevent a bed bug infestation as they are generally spread through bad luck. However there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of getting an infestation: Before staying or moving into accommodation, make sure you check for signs of bed bugs.

Avoid taking any second-hand bedroom furniture without checking it thoroughly. If you have stayed in an infested room, upon arriving home, immediately check your luggage and clothing for bugs. If you find bed bugs, to remove the bugs and eggs your luggage, clothing and bedding there are a few things you can do. Either; wash everything at a 'hot' (60°C) temperature setting; tumbled dry at a 'hot setting for at least 30 minutes; dry clean everything; or place everything in bag in the deep freezer for at least 3 days.

How to get rid of bed bugs

For a suspected bed bug infestation, we strongly recommend you act immediately by contacting a professional pest control company.

Self-treatment of a bed bug infestation is unlikely to be successful. Failed treatments will occur if the accurate knowledge of the bed bug is absent. A trained professional will have the technical knowledge and access to a range of professional use products and equipment which are not available to the public.

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