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Swimming pool safety webinar and guide

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Following on from a highly successful practical training program for pool operators, Devon, and Cornwall Councils in conjunction with the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), are delighted to launch phase two of this initiative.

A new online resource is now available.

This includes a series of free bite size webinars aimed at business owners and their staff in the tourism and leisure industry and includes a practical pool safety guide with helpful checklists to assist with the safe running of any pool. The programme is hosted by the Better Business for All (BBFA) Heart of the south west growth hub website. Better Business for All - Growth Hub

The importance of swimming as a recreational activity is recognised by many across the South West and is a vital component of the tourist offering and marketing for local businesses that operate in that sector.

The first stage of the project saw business operators in Devon attend one day training events to raise awareness of pool safety requirements. These events were well attended and received great feedback.

The online training resource has been launched to build on that success and includes a pool safety guide covering the essential points to make sure pools are operated safely and without incident.

There are many health and safety issues that are specific and unique to the safe operation of swimming pools. These include:-

  • operator training
  • risk assessments
  • operational procedures - Normal Operating Plan (NOP) and Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • pool hire arrangements.
  • controlling access
  • safe pool - physical surroundings, profile, outlets, inlets and features
  • safe use - pool rules, supervision, and lifeguarding
  • safe plant - maintenance and record keeping
  • safe pool water - management, treatment and monitoring of pool water
  • safe storage and handling of chemicals

The project aims to help pool owners and operators to give their guests a safe and healthy swimming experience.

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