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Police and Crime Commissioner Results 2012

Police Light

The results of the election held on 15 November 2012.

Anthony John Marsden (Tony) Hogg has been elected as the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall.

Following the results of the first count, in which no candidate received more than 50% of the valid first preference votes, the second preference votes were counted for Tony Hogg and Brian Greenslade who received the highest number of first preference votes.

The total number of valid second preference votes cast for the two candidates was:

Tony Hogg                      14162

Brian Greenslade             12524        

The total number of valid first and second preference votes cast for each of the two candidates was: 

Candidate              First preferences    Second preferences         Total

Tony Hogg             55257                             14162                        69419

Brian Greenslade    24719                            12524                         37243

As a result of the total number of votes cast Tony Hogg has been duly elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Devon and Cornwall force area, including the Isles of Scilly.

The total number of rejected papers at the second count was 17897

The total number of verified papers was : 196,9878

The overall turnout in the police area was : 15.14%

The results of the first count were :

Brian Samuel Blake, Liberal Democrats                             23948

Graham David Calderwood, Independent                          8667

Brian Carol Greenslade, Independent                                 24719

Anthony John Marsden (Tony ) Hogg, Conservative           55257

Ivan James Jordan, Independent                                       12382

Thomas Macpherson, Independent                                     4306

William Morris, Independent                                                10586

John Noel Smith, Independent                                             10171

Robert Lee Smith, UK Independence Party                           16433

Nichola Jane Williams, Labour                                               24196

The results of the second count were announced by Kevin Lavery, the Police Area Returning Officer for the Devon and Cornwall force area.

The votes were counted for all but the Isles of Scilly at the Carn Brea Leisure Centre in Pool, Redruth.  The votes for the Isles of Scilly were counted on St Mary's .

The Devon and Cornwall Force Area contains 12 local authorities - Cornwall Council, Plymouth City Council, Torbay Council, Council of the Isles of Scilly, South Hams District Council, West Devon Borough Council, Torridge District Council, North Devon Council, Teignbridge District Council, East Devon District Council, Mid Devon District Council, Exeter City Council

Voting has been done under the Supplementary Vote system - the same system used in mayoral elections.   Under this system voters put a cross for their first choice candidate in the left hand column.  They can then put a cross for their second choice in the right hand column if they wish.  They do not have to include a second choice if they do not want to.  As long as a cross is marked in the first choice column, then their vote will count.

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