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Complaint about your Social Landlord?

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From 1 April 2013 the Localism Act 2011 created a new role for Councillors; that of 'designated person'. A 'designated person' is someone who can assist social housing tenants and landlords to resolve their disputes. If a social housing tenant has made a complaint to their landlord and the complaint has not been resolved (having been through all of the three stages of the landlord's internal complaints process) to the tenant's satisfaction, they can take it to the Housing Ombudsman (having waited for 8 weeks).

Alternatively (before the 8 weeks) they can go to a 'designated person' to see if that person can help to mediate. The 'designated person' is not able to impose a decision on either tenant or landlord; they are an intermediary trying to help the two parties reconcile. If the 'designated person' can't help to find a solution they can refer the matter to the Housing Ombudsman (before the 8 weeks period has elapsed).

Councillor Michael Clarke ( has been nominated as Designated Person for Torridge District Council.

The Social Landlords in the Torridge area are (see links on right):

  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Hastoe Housing Association
  • DCH (Devon and Cornwall Housing)
  • Magna
  • Westward (Tarka)
  • Sovereign

This complaints process relates to complaints under the following headings about housing associations and local housing authorities:

  • Leasehold Services
  • Moving to a property
  • Rent and Service Charges
  • Occupancy Rights
  • Property Condition - repairs and improvements
  • Tenant Behaviour
  • Estate Management
  • Complaint Handling
  • Compensation

The Housing Ombudsman can be contacted via: 0300 111 3000 -  or

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