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Housing Standards and Disrepair

Information about Housing Standards and Disrepair

Devon minimum property standards

This document lists the minimum standards that a property should meet in order to be fit for renting out privately.

Devon minimum property standards (PDF) [18KB] (opens in new tab)

HHSRS - Housing Health and Safety Rating System

It is a risk assessment tool used to assess potential risks to the health and safety of occupants in residential properties in England and Wales.  It came into effect in 2006 and replaced the Housing Fitness Standard.

Why is it needed?

It focuses on the hazards that are most likely to be present in housing.  Tackling these hazards will make more homes healthier and safer to live in.  The Fitness Standard did not deal with, or dealt inadequately with, cold and the risk of falls, for example.

For full guidance relating to the HHSRS click here (opens in new tab).

Damp, condensation and mould

TDC Keep your home free from damp, condensation and mould (PDF) [799KB] (opens in new tab)

This booklet gives some basic information about different types of dampness that may affect your home.

You can request a printed copy of this booklet by contacting

Condensation is probably the biggest cause of damp in homes.  There is information and advice included in this booklet to help you identify and reduce condensation as well as treating the mould growth often associated with it.

Reporting a Disrepair issue

Worried about the condition of your home? Is it in a state of disrepair? If you are a private tenant we can help you.

If you rent in the private sector and your home is in poor condition, you should always write to your landlord first to inform them what the disrepair problems are and ask them to sort it out.  Keep a copy of this letter.

Here is a link to Shelter's website with advice on 'How to report repairs to your landlord' (opens in new tab).  On this page you will find a really helpful sample letter to report repairs.

If this does not solve the problem, then please complete our online Tenant Disrepair Complaint form and provide a copy of the letter you gave to your landlord.  We will not get in touch with your landlord without your permission.


What will happen;

  • We will contact you to discuss the issues and arrange to visit your home
  • If required, we will write to your landlord advising what work must be done to put things right
  • If the work is still not done then we will take further enforcement action against your landlord

Enforcement action for a Disrepair issue

The Council has a policy for dealing with landlords and agents who fail to keep their properties up to standard. The Housing Act 2004 permits the Council to charge for costs it incurs in carrying out certain duties.

Charges would only normally be levied where the owner fails to co-operate with the Council, resulting in the service of notices. In addition, charges could be levied where there is a continued lack of co-operation and this results in the need to review a notice.

The Act also allows for the owner/agent to appeal (to a Residential Property Tribunal), either against the notice or arguing that the level of the charge is unreasonable.

Charges for notices are listed in the Housing section of the current Fees and Charges document.

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