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Councils seek Cultural Partnership Board members

Culture Group

Culture Group

North Devon and Torridge District Councils are recruiting founding members for a new partnership board, which will oversee and guide the delivery of the cultural strategy for northern Devon.

The North Devon and Torridge Cultural Partnership Board will link the cultural sector with communities, health, education, environment and enterprise to maximise culture's impact in northern Devon. The Board is looking for members who are passionate about the role of culture, from football to opera, and who believe that creativity, arts and heritage help people and communities to thrive in a flourishing future. 


"Flourishing Culture: The Northern Devon Cultural Strategy" sets out a vision that, by 2027, North Devon and Torridge will be place that is recognised "locally, nationally and internationally as an area where creativity thrives in unison with its landscape and communities." The strategy was created in collaboration with community and cultural organisations, creative practitioners and businesses. It was adopted by the two district councils in 2022. 

The main purpose of the Cultural Parnership Board is to drive the delivery of the cultural strategy by bringing together organisations and individuals to broaden and deepen cultural activity at every level, monitoring progress and identifying opportunities for new or existing work. It will be supported by an Executive of officers from both councils, who will take responsibility for benchmarking, measurement of progress and maintaining the directory of practitioners and organisations, which form the wider cultural partnership.


North Devon Councillor Mark Haworth-Booth said:

"Joining us on the Northern Devon Cultural Partnership Board is a brilliant opportunity; by becoming a member, you would be acting as a catalyst for positive change in northern Devon by embracing the power of culture to connect communities and drive enterprise. We are seeking passionate individuals who believe in the transformative impact of creativity, arts and heritage. If this sounds like you, please get in touch."


Torridge District Councillor and Lead Member for Culture and Community - Cheryl Cottle-Hunkin said:

"Both councils' commitment to a reinvigorated cultural strategy will hopefully encourage potential board members to come forward to play an important role in its implementation and development. The board will be integral to our success so it's a real opportunity for people to make a positive contribution."


Partnership Board meetings will normally take place once a quarter. Other Board Member duties may include advice and input relating to the member's specialist field, attendance at public events throughout the year, representing the Board at networking events and attendance at training sessions relevant to the position. 

Target members for the board include: 

  • Lead Councillors for Culture, from both councils
  • representatives with experience of all forms of education; youth services; community/voluntary support; business and industry; care or health sector; environment sector
  • cultural sector representatives from visual/performing arts/literature organisations or businesses; voluntary or community cultural organisations; sports organisations; an ACE National Portfolio Organisation; freelance creative/cultural professionals; creative/digital industries

Full information is available on North Devon Council's website


Anyone who is interested in joining the Board should email or by 5pm on Friday 16 February 2024. Emails should outline any current or past positions that are relevant to the role and how the applicant could represent one or more of the perspectives listed above.


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