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Avian Flu - Local Cases Reported - Housing Order Still in Place

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Chickens and Turkey

Avian influenza - Housing Order

This is a reminder to all poultry keepers that there have been recent cases of Avian Flu in the district - Two wild buzzards were found to be infected in the Bulworthy Forest - Alverdiscott earlier in the year.

While there is no need for alarm, this is a reminder that Housing measures were introduced on 29 November 2021, and are still in place.  It is a legal requirement for all bird keepers to keep their birds housed and to follow strict biosecurity measures in order to limit the spread and help to eradicate the disease.

Poultry keepers must do the following:

  • House or net all poultry and captive birds to keep them separate from wild birds.
  • Cleanse and disinfect clothing, footwear, equipment and vehicles before and after contact with poultry and captive birds - if practical, use disposable protective clothing.
  • Reduce the movement of people, vehicles or equipment to and from areas where poultry and captive birds are kept, to minimise contamination from manure, slurry and other products, and use effective vermin control.
  • Thoroughly cleanse and disinfect housing on a continuous basis.
  • Keep fresh disinfectant at the right concentration at all farm and poultry housing entry and exit points.
  • Minimise direct and indirect contact between poultry and captive birds and wild birds, including making sure all feed and water is not accessible to wild birds.

The Housing Order will be in place until further notice and will be kept under regular review as part of the government's work to monitor and manage the risks of bird flu.

Poultry keepers and members of the public should report dead wild birds to Defra's national dead wild bird helpline on 03459 33 55 77 (please select option 7) and keepers should report suspicion of disease to APHA on 03000 200 301. Keepers should familiarise themselves with their avian flu advice.

For further information see GOV.UK - Bird flu - Latest situation: UK-wide housing measures introduced to protect poultry and captive birds against avian flu.

01 August 2022

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