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Where available, reserved bays are an excellent choice for people who require the exclusive use of a bay, and in addition offer a considerable saving. It should be remembered that purchasing a Pay and Display ticket, Residents,Business, Season or Tourist  permit does not allow you to park in a Numbered Reserved Bay at any time.

Please be aware that reserved bays will be allocated to residents as a point of priority over businesses or holiday homes / lets. You will be required to provide proof of residence when applying.

We only offer reserved bays in the following car parks:

  • AppledoreOdun Road, West Appledore
  • BidefordHonestone Street, Riverbank Short Stay, Willett Street
  • NorthamWindmill Lane, Bone Hill

If you would like to enquire about a reserved bay please email us at or phone Car Parks on 01237 428981.

If a bay is not available at your desired location when you enquire, we will be happy to place your details on the waiting list.

Please ensure the active vehicle is set correctly via your online account before leaving it in a car park. (This is a digital equivalent of moving a physical permit from one vehicle to another.)

Terms and Conditions

  1. This agreement authorises the parking of vehicle(s) only at the location stated.
  2. The Council accepts no liability for loss or damage to vehicles parked in this space or the contents thereof.
  3. The agreement must be produced on request, by an authorised officer or servant of the Council.
  4. The sub-letting or hiring of this bay to a third party is not permitted.
  5. The agreement is not transferable.
  6. The Council reserves the right to close the bay for a maximum of 14 days without reimbursement to the agreement holder on any one occasion to enable the Council's servants and or agents to carry out works to the bay or at or on any adjacent property.
  7. The Council reserves the right to terminate this agreement forthwith upon any breach of the above conditions.
  8. Notwithstanding the above provisions, in the event of the Council proposing to carry out any development on or adjacent to the bay, the Council may terminate this agreement upon giving the agreement holder three months notice, in writing. Such notice shall be deemed to be validly served if posted by first class post addressed to the agreement holder at his/her known place of abode. The Council shall not be liable to pay any compensation or damages to the agreement holder as a result of the termination except that it shall refund a proportionate part of any fee already paid at the date of giving the said notice.
  9. An invitation to renew this agreement will be sent to the agreement holder prior to expiry.
  10. The terms of the District of Torridge (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2024 shall apply to the use of the bay.

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