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Gifts and Hospitality Register

Register of offers of Gifts and Hospitality received, whether they have been accepted or not.

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Listed below is a SUMMARY of the Register of Gifts and/or Hospitality offers made to officers of Torridge District Council

Data last updated: 03/01/2023

DepartmentDescriptionDate ReceivedOffer Accepted Y/NComments
Elections & Democratic Services2 Packets Digestive Biscuits

2 Packets Hobnobs Biscuits

Double Pack of Rich Tea Biscuits

2 185g Boxes of Hero Chocolates

1 Box 240 Yorkshire Tea Bags

1 200grm Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee
Housing Options                                   2 Thank you cards, box of biscuits and bag of quality street.22/12/2022Yesthank you for support and help during homeless approach.
Caddsdown                                         Bottle of Wine21/12/2022Yes 
Caddsdown                                         Bottle of Wine21/12/2022Yes 
Caddsdown                                         Bottle of wine21/12/2022YesThanks for all hard work and support for them over the year
Caddsdown                                         Bottle of wine21/12/2022YesThanks for all our hard work and support over the year
Estates                                           Bottle of Prosecco21/12/2022YesChristmas Present from Tenant.
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine20/12/2022YesThank you 
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine20/12/2022Yes 
Housing Options                                   small bunch of flowers and box of chocolates14/12/2022YesThanking for MH and housing support during a difficult time
Caddsdown                                         Box of Biscuits14/12/2022YesShared with the team
legal                                             187ml Bottle Hardy's Merlot wine.02/12/2022YesGift given to me by Cllr Clarke. Was out of room when gift of wine found on desk so, technically not accepted.  Cllr Clarke had left before my return to room. 
Democratic Services                               187ml Bottle of Wine01/12/2022YesChristmas thank you for the support over the year
Legal                                             187ml bottle of red wine01/12/2022YesChristmas Gift
Dem Services & Elections                          187ml bottle of red wine01/12/2022YesChristmas gift. All the team had one.
Housing Options                                   little bottle of red wine for me and box of celebrations for team01/12/2022Yesshared with team
Democratic Services                               Tub of Celebrations30/11/2022YesTo share with the team
Planning                                          A small notepad with pen and post-it notes inside29/11/2022Yes 
Housing Options                                   Tub of Quality Street28/10/2022YesShared with Team
Economic Development                              Invitation to the British Firework Championships at the University of Plymouth Marine Station18/08/2022Yes 
Customer Services                                 2 x small boxes of Heroes12/07/2022YesShared within team
Revs and Bens                                     Flowers30/06/2022YesReceived by Customer Services. Taken home to brighten up the house!
Revenue and benefits                              Small tub of celebrations24/06/2022YesThank you gift from customer
Revenue and benefits                              Small tub of celebrations 24/06/2022YesThank you gift from customer
Legal Services                                    Box of Milk Tray Chocolate25/04/2022YesThank you gift. Shared between Legal/Elections/Dem Services 
Democratic Services and Elections                 Half a dozen eggs.22/03/2022Yes 
Legal & Governance                                4 x £25 Beaver Inn Vouchers15/02/2022No  
Property                                          2 x bars of soap  14/02/2022YesWanted us to see what he manufactures. Thank you for delivering post
Property                                          2 pieces of cheese11/02/2022YesOne of our tenants wanted our feedback on the flavour of the cheese
SMT                                               Cup of Cappuccino13/01/2022YesApprox value £3.  Accepted during a meeting with Cllr Ford at the Seagate in Appledore.
Caddsdown Business Support Centre                 2 Calendars22/12/2021YesThank you gift
Caddsdown Business Support Centre                 Bottle of Wine21/12/2021YesThank you gift
Caddsdown Business Support Centre                 Bottle of Wine, Biscuits, Box of Chocolates20/12/2021Yes 
Democratic Services                               Box of celebrations for Dem Services Team15/12/2021YesThank you
Democratic Services                               187ml Bottle of Wine15/12/2021YesThank you
Democratic Services                               187ml Bottle of Wine15/12/2021YesThank you gift
Democratic Services                               187ml Bottle of Wine15/12/2021YesThank you gift
Housing Options                                   M&S Belgian selection bag received in a parcel - Biscuits tin, truffles, chocolate bar, cookies and chocolates box14/12/2021YesShared with office and dept
Housing Options team                              Box of Quality Street14/12/2021Yes 
Democratic Services                               Home made Mince Pies & Waitrose Biscuits14/12/2021YesThank you gift
Housing Options                                   Bottle of red wine given to me by a client as a thank you gift10/12/2021YesTaken home 
Legal & Governance                                6 Aldi Mince Pies02/12/2021Yes 
Legal & Governance                                6 Aldi Mince Pies02/12/2021Yes 
Customer Services                                 Tiger Roll Cake19/11/2021YesShared amongst team. Gift for service.
Housing Options                                   box of Celebrations chocolates25/10/2021YesThank you for finding temporary accommodation for them.

Shared with team.
TDC                                               Lunch19/10/2021YesLunch with Vice Chancellor and other Devon Leaders and Chief Executives
Legal Services                                    Box of Cadbury Heroes Chocolates.13/10/2021YesGift delivered to Reception. Chocolates shared with colleagues in Legal, Elections and Democratic Services.
Legal                                             4 packets of biscuits, 2 jars of coffee, 2 boxes of tea bags, 1 box of chocolates30/09/2021YesCouncillor Ford requested items be shared with the team.
Legal                                             1 bottle of wine30/09/2021YesA thank you for help over past few months
Revs & Bens                                       Meal, Concert Tickets to see Tom Jones at Hampton Court Palace and overnight hotel stay23/08/2021Yes 
Revs & Bens                                       Meal, Concert Tickets to see Tom Jones at Hampton Court Palace and overnight hotel stay23/08/2021Yes 
Revs & Bens                                       Bouquet of Flowers04/05/2021YesFlowers given for help and advice given during the pandemic in reference to her grant payments
Caddsdown                                         Bottle of wine21/12/2020YesA thank you for help throughout the year.
Caddsdown                                         Bottle of wine21/12/2020YesA thank you for letting him know when post was delivered.  As an ex tenant post tends to be delivered to their old address for some time.
Caddsdown                                         Bottle of Wine21/12/2020YesA thank you for letting him know when post was delivered.
Caddsdown                                         Bottle of Wine21/12/2020YesA thank you for our help throughout the year.
Property                                          Glass Artwork & Glass Bowl18/12/2020YesTenants vacated their unit and wanted to say Thank you with a gift which they had made.
Caddsdown                                         Salted Caramel Truffles17/12/2020YesA Thank You gift from one of our tenants for our help throughout the year,shared with the rest of the team at Caddsdown
Caddsdown                                         Bunch of flowers16/12/2020YesA thank you for letting them use my personal mobile to zoom their wedding to family in Spain, Caddsdown internet does not support zoom.
Caddsdown                                         Box of Celebrations11/12/2020YesA thank you for our help over the year.  Shared between the team.
Cadddsdown                                        Box of Quality Street09/12/2020YesThank you for all our help during the year.  Shared between the team at Caddsdown.
Housing Options                                   1 small box of Throntons chocolates for Claire Squires. 1 small box of Throntons chocolates and a cord friendship bracelet for me.22/09/2020YesShared box with office and gave Claire her box
Environmental Health and Community Safety         Loaf of sourdough bread 03/09/2020YesGift offered outside of work hours / while I was not at work. Recording as Mr Riley is a food business operator within district. 
Environmental Protection                          Bottle of wine11/08/2020Yes 
Development Management                            Coffee11/08/2020Yes 
Evnironmental Protection                          Bottle of White Wine11/08/2020Yesinsistent customer following assistance given on a messy job.
Hsouig Options                                    Butterfly Lavendar Plant22/06/2020YesCustomer purchased intending to give to first government worker/carer she saw, as thank you for work done during co-vid crisis. She has seen me over the years at TDC. I tried to refuse as better to go to care home but she was most insistent.
Planning                                          Photograph07/02/2020YesThe photograph was one he had produced / printed himself of his pet tortoise.
Planning                                          Box of 18 chocolates24/12/2019YesShared with whole office
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine21/12/2019Yes 
Housing Options                                   tubs of chocolate, biscuits, mince pies, Haribo20/12/2019YesChristmas gift to Housing team as thank you for working with them.
Housing                                           Bunch of Flowers19/12/2019Yes 
REvenues                                          1Kg tin of M&S biscuits18/12/2019YesShared with all Revenues, Benefits & Housing Teams
Planning                                          Tesco Tin of Christmas biscuits (for the office)16/12/2019YesThe application needed a quick response to put in an offer for a property, and I needed further information from him to make a final decision - it was stressful for both parties. They wanted to thank us.
Legal Services                                    Hamper of Chocolates received via post addressed to Local Land Charges16/12/2019YesShared with the team.
Planning                                          Coffee10/12/2019Yes 
Revenues                                          x6 Rachel's Kitchen cup cakes received in post04/12/2019YesShared with the council tax, nndr, sundry debt teams
Economic Development                              Dinner at The Commodore Hotel as part of the launch of Kinglsey School's Earth Centre26/11/2019Yes 
Legal Services                                    Bottle of wine05/11/2019Yes 
Planning and Economy                              Approx. 50 pick up golf balls17/10/2019YesGolf balls found on Northam Burrows no longer required by Cllr Bushby
Planning                                          Box of chocolates23/09/2019YesShared with the office
Planning                                          Cup of herbal tea and two fruit bars.20/08/2019Yes 
Planning                                          Box of chocolate30/07/2019YesShared with the office
Parking Office                                    Box of Matchmaker chocolates.

Given for sending out a tourist permit to a holiday address because the member of the public had put the wrong start date on their original application.
29/07/2019YesShared with office
Caddsdown Business Support Centre                 4 x Bottles of wine26/07/2019YesShared with team
Economic Development                              A chicken sandwich25/06/2019Yes 
Economic Development                              An example stone weight on a light pull cord25/06/2019Yes 
Resources                                         Lunch with Society District Council Treasurer07/06/2019Yes 
Planning                                          1/2 dozen eggs01/05/2019YesGiven to me as he has too many eggs - cannot get rid of them / doesn't sell them.
Governance                                        2 bottles of wine01/05/2019Yes 
Housing Options                                   Box of Chocolates23/04/2019YesTaken at reception and passed up to us
Democratic Services                               Box of chocolates22/02/2019Yes 
Democratic Services                               Box of Chocolates22/02/2019Yes 
Property & Procurement                            2 Tubs of Chocolate21/12/2018YesChristmas gift shared throughout the office
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine21/12/2018Yes 
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine21/12/2018Yes 
Housing Options                                   Tub of chocolates x2 tin of biscuits x220/12/2018YesChristmas gift
Housing Services                                  Tub of chocolates18/12/2018YesGiven as a thank you for assistance to the customers to prevent their homelessness
Housing Services                                  Tub of chocolates18/12/2018YesGiven to say thank you for the assistance in preventing customers homelessness
Caddsdown Business Support Centre                 Chocolates, Wine & Biscuits18/12/2018YesItems shared with Team
Customer Services                                 1 x tin of biscuits, several notepads, pens, stress balls and diaries13/12/2018YesShared all items amongst the Team
Revenues & Benefits                               large desk pads & tub of Roses chocolates13/12/2018Yesshared with Council Tax, Business Rates, Benefits & Housing Team
ICT                                               Guylian Temptations Assorted Chocolates Gold Gift Tin RRP £1212/12/2018Yes 
Customer Support                                  1 x box of biscuits

1x tub of sweets

2 x mugs

2 x diaries

2 x note pads
11/12/2018YesItems shared with team
Dem Services                                      Galaxy Selection Box10/12/2018YesShared with Team.
Planning and Economy                              Book - The Aftermath of Devastation £8.99 RRP03/12/2018YesUn solicited gift sent into the office with an accompanying letter
Housing Renewal                                   Box of chocolates27/11/2018Yes 
Planning                                          Advent Calendar23/11/2018YesReceived after myself and a colleague dealt with their planning applications. 
Planning                                          Advent Calendar23/11/2018Yes 
Planning                                          Box of chocolates21/11/2018YesShared with Department.
Democratic Services                               2 boxes of chocolates13/11/2018YesGift given as a gesture of thanks.  shared with deopartment
Commercial & Leisure Services                     Skateboard deck 16/10/2018Yes 
Economic Development                              Annual FSB council awards lunch12/10/2018Yes 
Economic Development                              Bottle of Merlot03/09/2018YesReceived to thank for some aerial photography taken of the affordable housing at The Mount, Appledore.
Property & Procurement                            Box of chocolates31/07/2018YesShared with team
Property & Procurement                            Box of chocolates & bottle of wine30/07/2018Yes 
Property & Procurement                            Box of Chocolates & bottle of wine30/07/2018Yes 
Resources                                         Annual SDCT lunch following meeting at hotel 08/06/2018Yes 
Revenues & Benefit                                Working lunch08/03/2018YesAppointment made at last minute as Ross & Roberts Director was in area and lunch meeting was best for him.
Democratic Services                               Box of chocolates for the team.19/12/2017Yes 
Housing                                           Box of biscuits13/12/2017Yes 
Property                                          Christmas Hamper12/12/2017No Offer declined, but was mistakenly still delivered to Department.

Hamper was handed over to the Bideford Foodbank Charity for use at Christmas.
Commercial & Leisure Services                     Bottle of wine08/12/2017Yes 
Democratic Services                               Goody bag container water bottle, notepad, pen and diary.24/10/2017Yes 
Resources                                         Annual lunch following meeting at hotel20/10/2017YesWas paid for as a shared event with numerous other Councils in attendance
Housing                                           Box of Chocolates31/08/2017Yes 
Housing                                           Box of Chocolates19/07/2017Yes 
Council Tax                                       Box of doughnuts23/06/2017YesShared between Council Tax Team & NNDR
Dem Services                                      Bouquet of Flowers16/05/2017Yes 
Dem Services                                      Bouquet of Flowers16/05/2017Yes 
Corporate                                         Luxury thorntons easter egg18/04/2017Yes 
Dem Services                                      Easter Eggs11/04/2017Yes 
Legal Services                                    Easter Egg11/04/2017Yes 
Dem Services                                      2 Sticks of rock28/03/2017Yes 
Housing Renewal                                   Bottle of white wine16/03/2017YesWine given to TDC raffle prize 'collection'.
Legal                                             Business lunch07/03/2017Yes 
Planning                                          Business lunch07/03/2017Yes 
Environmental Health and Community Safety         Chocolates01/02/2017YesApprox. value £
Accountancy                                       Lunch estimated value £530/01/2017YesWorking Lunch between meetings.                                                                           
Dem Services                                      Tin of quality streets26/01/2017YesThis was a late Christmas gift
Planning                                          Box of Milk Tray22/12/2016Yes 
Dem Services                                      Chocolates21/12/2016Yes 
Dem Services                                      Chocolates21/12/2016Yes 
Parking Services                                  Small home made hamper containing cake and jams20/12/2016YesValue approx. £10
Regulatory Services                               1 bottle (330ml) of craft beer20/12/2016YesRefusal would have caused offence - value approx. £3. Confirmed that the item would be declared.
Parking Services                                  Small homemade Hamper containing cake & Jams20/12/2016YesValue approx. £10.00
Housing Renewal/Environmental Health              Tub of Celebrations.20/12/2016YesShared with EH office                                                                               
Customer Services                                 Box of biscuits19/12/2016Yes 
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine08/12/2016Yes 
DM                                                Book on Skipton Railway29/09/2016Yes 
Planning                                          Book on Skipton Railway29/09/2016Yes 
Planning                                          Book - Illustrations of Old Bideford 914/09/2016YesA useful addition to the Councils archive/reference material from the Author
Commercial and Leisure Services                   Buffet lunch and coffee at Haytor, finish of stage 6 of the Tour of Britain cycle race.09/09/2016YesInvitation was given to a Devon County Councillor who passed it to me.  I checked with the event organisers that they would allow me to accept.
Dem Services                                      Bottle of wine21/06/2016YesGiven as a thank you for organising the armed Forces Flag Raising Event
Corporate Support                                 1 bottle red wine21/06/2016YesThank you gift for organising Flag Raising Ceremony
Housing                                           Bottle of perfume17/06/2016YesKept if office for all colleagues to use
Revenues                                          Lunch26/04/2016Yesworking lunch
Customer Services                                 taken out for lunch26/04/2016YesWorking Lunch with account manager
Housing Options                                   Two small bunches of flowers25/03/2016YesFlowers were hand delivered to my home address. Refusing the gift would have caused offence.
Housing                                           Joint of beef08/01/2016YesElderly housing client who would have been offended had the gift not been accepted
Building Control                                  Tin of biscuits16/12/2015Yes 
Housing                                           Box of fruit15/12/2015YesShared with colleagues in the office
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine15/12/2015Yes 
Customer Services                                 Small box Thorntons Chocolates14/12/2015YesAccepted to share with colleagues.
Parking Services                                  Small Hamper (Home made Jam + Biscuits)11/12/2015Yes 
Parking                                           small homemade hamper of jam, a cake & biscuits.11/12/2015Yes 
Parking Services                                  Bunch of flowers given by local Florist for Wife who has been undergoing Chemo therapy, Blooms know her as Mrs Maceys Sister use to work there.11/12/2015Yes 
building control                                  bottle of mulled wine09/12/2015Yes 
Planning                                          Box of chocolates09/10/2015YesAccepted and shared with colleagues
Environmental Protection                          1 x Bottle of home made wine02/10/2015YesDonated to staff function
Housing                                           Box of biscuits and mug25/09/2015YesClient left gift whilst I was away from the office, biscuits shared with colleagues.
Housing Options                                   Tin of Stewart's Luxury Shortbread left at Bridge Buildings reception from customer assisted earlier this year.22/09/2015YesShared with team
Planning                                          Book - Illustrations of Old Bideford Volume 809/09/2015YesA further volume in the series of books which include historic photographs of Bideford.  See comments on previous similar gifts which form a useful library for Officers.
Planning                                          Lunch with Parish Council Chairman, St Giles - Value £7.0019/06/2015Yes 
Customer Support                                  Food & drink18/05/2015Yes 
Legal Services                                    1x bottle of homemade wine15/05/2015YesDonated to staff function
Revs and Bens                                     A bunch of flowers brought in from a Customer I had seen earlier on this morning. 27/04/2015Yes 
Housing Services                                  Box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, bottle of wine02/04/2015YesGifts left by customer when I was on leave, flowers displayed in office, chocolates shared with colleagues
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine19/12/2014Yes 
Planning                                          4 tins of chocolates17/12/2014Yes 
Building Control                                  Chocolates17/12/2014Yes 
Building Control                                  Biscuits17/12/2014Yes 
ICT                                               Box of sweets17/12/2014Yes 
Housing Options                                   Tub of Celebration sweets16/12/2014YesSweets were shared amongst the office
Customer Support                                  Celebrations chocolates15/12/2014YesWas left in reception whilst I was out of the office. A thank you for the help received from me and the rest of the team this year.
Revs and Bens                                     Bunch of flowers03/10/2014Yes 
Northam Burrows                                   £20 was given to the officers (£10 each) as reward for helping somebody stuck in the mud who was in a hurry - had young children that needed attention12/09/2014YesDon't normally accept gift but customer insisted - pushed into hand and drove away
Planning                                          Illustrations of Old Bideford volumes 6 and 7 ( donated in the year of publication 2013 and 2014 respectively.)09/09/2014YesThe volumes are produced on a yearly basis at present and a copy is donated to the Planning Library.
Economic Regeneration                             Invitation to the 50 year trading celebrations for Evans Transport. Buffet and two glasses of wine accepted21/06/2014Yes 
Customer Services                                 Tin of Quality Street02/06/2014Yes 
Economic Regeneration                             Invitation to pre opening event at the Blue and Green Westward Ho! 27/03/2014.  Taster food and service and to provide feedback to management as a practice for the official opening on 28/03/1414/03/2014Yes 
Bideford Tourist Information                      A tin of Party Ring biscuits26/02/2014YesAs a token of appreciation from a Tourist Information customer who was very impressed with the service received from Bideford TIC staff.
Planning Policy                                   Offerred Lunch and drink to the value of £4.8006/02/2014Yes 
Waste Management                                  Invite to watch Wales v Italy in the six nations at Cardiff.17/01/2014No  
ICT                                               M&S Belgian Biscuit Selection19/12/2013YesShared with Team.
Property & Procurement                            2 tins celebration chocolates (shared with team)19/12/2013YesThank You - Shared with Team
Environmental Health                              Box of chocolates19/12/2013YesValue approx. £5.00.  Given in recognition of good service from team during year.
Planning                                          2 x tins of chocolates (DC and Enforcement)16/12/2013Yes 
Planning Policy                                   Tin of Cadbury Heroes16/12/2013YesShared between all the Staff
Customer Services                                 Tin of Cadburys Heroes16/12/2013YesXmas gift
Building Control                                  Tin of Cadbury's Heroes16/12/2013Yes 
Building Control                                  Bottle of wine16/12/2013Yes 
Housing                                           Box of Thorntons Chocolates16/12/2013YesChocolates were kept in the office and consumed by the whole team!
Customer Services                                 Tin of Cadburys Heroes16/12/2013YesXmas Goodwill gift
Building Control                                  Tin of Celebrations10/12/2013YesGiven to Building Control Section
Revenues and Benefits                             Lunch10/12/2013YesAccount manager took offiecr to lunch - Lunch taken in officer's own time
Reveneus and Benefits                             Lunch10/12/2013YesAccount manager offered lunch - Lunch talen in officer's own time
ICT                                               Box of Cadbury Roses17/09/2013YesShared with team
Regeneration                                      2 free cricket tickets08/07/2013Yes 
Legal Services                                    Box of Thorntons chocolates08/04/2013YesShared with staff
Accountancy                                       Received a bouquet of flowers.05/04/2013Yes 
Planning                                          Tin of Quality Street12/12/2012YesShared between all the Staff
Building Control                                  Tin of Quality Street12/12/2012YesShared between all the Staff
Planning Policy                                   A Tin of Quality Street12/12/2012YesShared between all the Staff
Planning - Enforcement                            Tin of Quality Street12/12/2012YesShared between all the Staff
Waste Management                                  A lady handed in 8 Bottles of beer to reception for the two cleansing staff that assisted her in cleaning up some spilt plaster in Pitt lane.28/09/2012Yes 
Development Management                            Book - Illustrations of Old Bideford(Volume 5) by Peter Christie25/09/2012YesThis book is the latest in the series compiled by Councillor Christie.  The Council has provided some access to  photographic records.  This is acknowledged in the book and staff now have access to the book as a reference resource.
Economic Regeneration                             2 cups of coffee and a piece of flap jack04/09/2012YesHospitality offered whilst meeting at the Westward Arms to discuss business
Economic Regeneration                             Invite to opening of Westward Arms26/07/2012YesOne free glass on wine given to all guests that were invited to the opening
Planning                                          Book - Bideford through time by Peter Christie and Graham hobbs12/06/2012YesThis book shows images of Bideford past compared with present.  It is in the Planning reference library for the use of staff
Planning                                          Day Course (which included lunch at the Devil stone Inn)on the Practical use of lime in building.25/05/2012YesAn  extremely useful day run on this occasion for Conservation Staff.  The course demonstrated the use of lime in  building and plastering and allowed  Officers to 'have a go' in order to understand the materials we require others to use as par
Legal Services                                    Bottle of wine26/03/2012Yes 
Revenues and Benefits                             I was offered but did NOT accept corporate hospitality. A corporate event with food and drink and with admission to a match at Barnstaple Rugby Ground provided. This was offered by (but not accepted from)Solicitors with whom i work.15/02/2012No The offer was made (and refused by me) on 15.02.2012.
Housing Options                                   Plant - Cineraria26/01/2012Yes 
Planning                                          Illustrations of Old Bideford book.  Vol 4. by Peter Christie03/01/2012YesThe book contains images lent by Torridge Council  to the author from the Planning archive.  The book is retained for reference in the department.
building control                                  bottle of wine22/12/2011Yes 
Planning Policy                                   Tin of Quality Street20/12/2011YesShared with Staff
Building Control                                  Tin of Quality Street20/12/2011YesShared with staff
Building Control                                  Tin of Quality Street20/12/2011YesShared with staff
Planning                                          Tin of quality street20/12/2011YesShared with staff
Elections and Electoral Registration              Blossom Hill sparkling wine19/12/2011Yes 
HR                                                Tin of Cadbury's Chocolate Biscuits.08/12/2011YesShared with office.
Legal Services                                    Box of Thorntons Chocolates22/11/2011YesShared with staff.
Building Control                                  Book on Devon's non-metal mines.31/10/2011YesTo be shared throughout the department.
Parking Services                                  Bottle of wine21/09/2011Yes 
Car Parks                                         Letter of commendation and bottle of wine21/09/2011Yes 
Planning                                          Box of biscuits.30/08/2011Yes 
Housing                                           Bunch of roses from a client and they are in the office window24/08/2011Yes 
Planning                                          DVD (War Against Windfarms).01/08/2011Yes 
Internal Audit                                    Box of Celebrations chocolates to "the lovely first aiders, front of house staff and nice gentleman who helped when I fell off my bicycle".29/07/2011YesDonated to Raffle
Planning                                          Bunch of flowers.27/07/2011Yes 
ICT                                               6 Promotional Terry's Chocolate Orange06/07/2011YesShared with Staff
Planning                                          Free entry into Caesars Palace, Bideford.04/07/2011Yes 
CEO                                               Complimentary tickets for RHS Chelsea23/05/2011YesDonated to Raffle

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