Spring Budget 2017 Relief Scheme: Supporting Small Business

In the 2017 Spring Budget the Chancellor announced that a new scheme of relief would be made available to those ratepayers facing large increases as a result of the loss of small business or rural rate relief due to the revaluation.

The supporting small business relief will help those ratepayers who, as a result of the change in their rateable value at the revaluation, are losing some or all of their small business or rural rate relief and, as a result, are facing large increases in their bills. To support these ratepayers, the supporting small business relief will ensure that the increase per year in the bills of these ratepayers is limited to the greater of:

  • a cash value of £600.00 per year. This cash minimum increase ensures that those ratepayers who were paying nothing or very small amounts were brought into paying something, or
  • the matching cap on increases for small properties in the transitional relief scheme.

Relief awarded under this scheme is subject to State Aid de minimis limits and we require a declaration to be completed by each ratepayer to confirm their entitlement to the relief.

Ratepayers will remain in the Supporting Small Businesses relief scheme for either five years, or until they reach the bill they would have paid without the scheme. A change of ratepayer will not affect eligibility for the relief scheme, but eligibility will be lost if the property falls vacant or becomes occupied by a charity or Community Amateur Sports Club.