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Street Naming and Numbering


Manteo Way

Street Naming and Numbering

The Council deals with the naming and numbering of new streets and individual properties and any change to a property name.

To register or change an address with TDC you must :

      ●       Prove ownership of the property with title deeds or a land registry document  

      ●       A site plan indicating the position of the property.

      ●       Have full planning consent for all new builds.

      ●       Pay the appropriate fee


  •  There is a fee of £72.00 per application.
  •  Fee per property: 1 to 10 units: £12.00 per unit.
  •  11 to 100 units: £6.00 per unit.
  •  100+ - £1.50 per unit.
  •  Property name changes is £48 per cosmetic change. Where an application affects multiple units the charge is £48 per unit.

These charges cover the costs of providing information to Royal Mail and also covers the costs in providing the data to organisations such as the emergency services and HM Land Registry.

New developments (SN2) :

● Complete form SN2 (available to print or word format which can be completed electronically).

●  For further guidance please refer to our Street Naming and Numbering policy and procedure (Icon for pdf Street Naming & Numbering Policy and Guidance [259.4KB])

●  Royal Mail and other services will be informed.

Property Name Changes (SN1) :

Follow this procedure to change property names:

·  Complete the relevant application form (requests can only be accepted from the owner of the property).

·  A check is made by us to ensure there is no other property in the locality with the same name.

·  We strongly recommend against similar sounding names.

·  Under no circumstances will a name be allowed which is offensive.

·  If the property has a number, it is not possible to replace it with a name although we will allow an 'alias' name to be added.

·  To make your application you should complete the form SN1.

·  Please ensure you read our street naming and numbering policy for further details.

Apply to register a new address or change an existing name address using :

Icon for pdf SN1 - Application to change or add a property name [267.61KB]

Icon for word SN1 - Application to change or add a property name [388KB]

Icon for pdf SN2 - Application for a new postal address [187.04KB]

Icon for word SN2 - Application for a new postal address [188KB]

Royal Mail:

·   Royal Mail will add the address to the 'Not Yet Built' file.

·   The address will go 'live' when the property becomes occupied.

·   If you need to check an address we suggest you use Royal Mail's Online Postcode Checker. They can also be contacted via telephone.

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