Mini "Waste and Recycling Roadshows" on Bideford Quay from 22nd September

Waste Box

Torridge District Council are set to launch a series of mini waste and recycling roadshows on Bideford Quay from September 22nd. The shows will be run as weekly events, every Wednesday, up until the end of October. At the same time a project to adapt the Harbour Office on the quay will be completed, so that going forward, it can be operated as a permanent mini drop-in centre for waste and recycling enquiries.

The idea behind the schemes is to offer a central point of contact where members of the public can talk face to face with the recycling team and also have the option to pick up new or replacement recycling boxes and bags. It's hoped that this will reduce the number of individual box and bag deliveries the Council have to make around the district, which will also make a small contribution to the Councils Carbon neutral goal for 2030. Customers can also find out a whole lot more about such things as what they can and cannot recycle, what happens to their recycling, the cost of bulky collections, collection dates, which are just some of the frequently asked question people telephone the Council about. The Council are also looking into the possibility of rolling out further roadshows to Holsworthy and Great Torrington.

Councillor Chris Leather - Lead Member for Waste and Recycling said:

"Torridge Residents have helped the environment by recycling over 55% of their waste last year, which is an incredible growth from just 42% a few years earlier. We hope that setting up the mini road shows and eventually the contact centre will prove a convenient and fast way for people to obtain new boxes and bags, but also for people to get more information about using the service. Our previous road shows have proved to be very popular and sharing more information on recycling will hopefully help both customers and further benefit the environment."

Sept 21