North Devon and Torridge Local Plan - Part 3: Rural Areas

North Devon and Torridge District Councils have worked with Parish Councils and local communities to prepare village plans to contribute to the preparation of Part 3 of the Local Plan. These village plans will form part three of the draft North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, guiding development in the rural areas up to 2031.

Parish Council Engagement

Two meetings were held at the Civic Centre on Thursday 14th March 2013 at 10am and Monday 18th March 2013, to introduce the rural settlement planning exercise and Part 3 of the Local Plan to Parish Council representatives. A copy of the presentation shown to those who attended can be seen below.

The rural planning exercise and Part 3 of the Local Plan was introduced to Parish Councils through a series of correspondence. Copies of the letters sent to the Parish Councils can be downloaded below. The content of the letter was dependant upon whether the Parish contained a defined 'Local Centre' / 'Village' or did not contain any defined settlement.

A number of Parish Councils who did not have any settlements defined as a Local Centre or Village within their area have sought to be involved within the rural settlement planning exercise by suggesting settlements that ought to be considered as 'Local Centres' or 'Villages'. These Parishes have been asked to contribute to the rural settlement planning exercise for the suggested settlements. These settlements have been given 'candidate' village status and their inclusion as defined settlements will be considered by the Local Plan Working Group in due course. The letter sent to these Parishes can be downloaded below.

Procedural Note

Village Maps

Based on the settlement hierarchy found in policy ST06 of the draft North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, a map has been drafted for each Local Centre and Village settlement.

The map focuses on the main built up area of a rural settlement and similar to town maps found in the draft North Devon and Torridge Local Plan they include environment constrains present in and around the settlement and a draft development boundary.

The map also includes land that has been available through the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (link to SHLAA study) process. This land is considered to have some potential to deliver housing, however please note these are only recommendations and do not constitute planning consent or an allocation within the adopted local plan or emerging draft local plan. It is for local communities with their Parish Council to decide the scale and location of growth through this village plan process.

Candidate Villages

Potential Housing Sites (SHLAA) Information

 A range of sites across the rural areas have been assessed as having the potential to delvr housing development in the future. Each site has been assessed through the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) as being suitable and available for housing development and that there is a resonable prospect of it being able to be delivered in the future. Summary information relating to all of these sites in the rural areas covered by the rural settlement planning exercise are available to download below:

Additional Sites

Since the original packs of information were put together to support the rural settlment planning exercise, a number of additional sites have been promoted to the Council on the basis of having the potential to deliver housing in the future. Maps showing these sites have been passed to the respective Parish Council representatives and can be viewed or downloaded below. Please note that these sites have yet to be assessed in relation to their suitability to deliver housing - they are simply sites that have been promoted by the land owner as being available for future housing development.

Background Information and Data

This profile is provided to offer a range of background information that might be useful during the rural settlement planning process that is being carried out to support the preparation of the North Devon and Torridge Local Plan.

Much of the information contained within this profile may be surplus to requirements for the purposes of this exercise, however it was thought helpful to ensure that a comprehensive range of background information is available to Parish Councils.

Rural Settlement Profiles and statistics include the following data:

  • Settlement Classification
  • Village facilities and services
  • Population: total and age structure
  • Number of dwellings in the village and parish
  • Second home ownership
  • Housing development: existing commitments, completions and historic completions.
  • Potential growth scenarios

Please Note: Some of the statistics may not be available for individual parishes.

Development Boundary criteria

The purpose of a development boundary is to control and regulate the growth of a settlement. Within such a boundary, development is generally acceptable providing it complies with the range of policies and proposals contained in the Plan.

Development boundaries are based on a careful assessment of the character, setting and capacity of each town and village. Their definition is influenced by a variety of factors, including the self-sufficiency of a settlement and any environmental or infra structure constraints. They encompass the main built up areas together with any peripheral sites that are either proposed or committed for new development.

The development boundary criteria paper is designed to assist Parish Councils and local communities to define your village's development boundary.

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