Licences to undertake events on Council land

An event in this instance is an organised activity that undertakes a purpose on Council land for which that land use is not usually intended, for example a circus in a park .

To make an application please email Leisure@torridge.gov.uk, unless you are intending to use a car park as the location for your event.  If this is the case please contact Carparks@torridge.gov.uk before proceeding, to discuss usage and associated costs.  In fact it may well be that your event does not warrant a licence.  If you are not sure or you feel that your event is not of a scale that requires a licence please call 01237 428700.

Victoria Park

Torridge District Council owns numerous sites that are available to the community for use in the provision of activities and events. The Council recognises the benefits of this provision and has a duty of care to ensure that however the land is utilised it is in a safe, controlled, insured and respectful manner.

By controlling the use of its land through a standardised licensing system the Authority can be assured that the best interests of the licence applicant, landowner and beneficiaries of the activity are catered for. Likewise there are instances where applicants will require a licence to undertake an event that does not utilise land owned by the Local Authority. In either instance these pages will assist with the application and attainment of the necessary documentation to allow you to undertake safe delivery of your event.

With the licence application you will find policy and guidance notes, including a list of charges. Please read these notes, which contain a great deal of information which will help you with your application. Below is a copy of the 2004 Fireworks Regulations in case these are relevant to your event. 

     pdf icon Fireworks Regulations [70kb]    

By using the  link at the top of this page you will be signposted to the correct licence(s) required for your event. Upon completion of the application you will be emailed a confirmation letter acknowledging that we have received your application and listing the additional information that will be required in order to progress the application further.  This information must be provided at least 21 days before the event.

Please note that all applications are subject to a non-refundable administrative charge of £32.00 including VAT.  This payment does not guarantee that a licence will be granted and by making this payment you are not entering into any agreement with the Local Authority.

For any questions or queries regarding the process please contact leisure@torridge.gov.uk or telephone 01237 428700.