Fleas - more information

Fleas are not generally responsible for the spread of infection but can inflict unpleasant bites on their host.

Fleas - Pest Control

A fleabite can be seen as a tiny dark red spot surrounded by a reddened area. The bite will remain irritating for one or two days and in some cases may lead to hypersensitivity.

Life Cycle

Flea eggs are small, oval shaped and pearl white in colour. They are laid indiscriminately in the fur or feathers of the host or its bedding/nesting material. The eggs hatch in about one week into white thread like larvae. The larvae thrive in dark, humid places such as carpets and animal bedding.

After two to three weeks when they are fully-grown the larvae spin a cocoon and pupate. The adult usually emerges within seven weeks but can remain a pupa throughout the winter, only emerging when triggered by the movement of a suitable host. The complete life cycle will normally last four weeks but may take longer at low temperatures.