Rats - more information

Rats are a common and widespread species and can be found anywhere that offers shelter and food, including sewers.

They burrow and favour compost heaps and the ground underneath hedges and sheds. They dig shallow burrows and form nests with dry grass and leaves. In houses they will nest in areas such as wall cavities and beneath floorboards as well as roof spaces. Rats are more active at night but may be seen during the day searching for food.


You can help yourself by ensuring that your premises are in good repair, making it difficult for rats to gain access and making sure air bricks are intact. Remove any sources of food or water, clear areas, which may offer shelter or nesting materials such as piles of timber or any areas of your garden, which are overgrown. Do not leave food out for the birds or other animals.


Rats are difficult to control because of their ability to burrow, climb and jump. They breed and form new colonies very quickly.  It is therefore recommended you contact a private pest control company if you require a treatment carrying out, as they should be licensed to use more effective treatments than those available in hardware stores, DIY stores, etc.  Contact details can be found in the telephone listings, the local Press or online.