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Lotteries - More Information

Printing and Selling Lottery Tickets

There are a number of legal requirements you must comply with when having tickets printed.

Every ticket or chance must specify:

  • details of the promoting society
  • its price
  • the date of the lottery
  • the name and address of the promoter of the lottery

There is no maximum price for a ticket but all tickets must be sold at the same price.

Tickets or chances must not be sold in any street* but may be sold from a kiosk, a shop or door-to-door. 

Tickets or chances may be sold by means of a machine

Tickets may not be sold by persons under the age of 16.

At least 20% of the proceeds must be applied to a purpose for which the society is established.

(* 'street' includes any bridge, road, lane, footway, subway, square, court or passage)

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