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Public toilet quality criteria

To enhance the service which we provide, the following criteria are being applied to all public conveniences owned by Torridge District Council


  • All facilities to be neat and clean, well lit and ventilated, free from graffiti & damage.
  • All facilities to be cleaned at least once daily and inspected weekly.

Family provision (subject to site restraints)

  • All facilities to have baby change units and nappy bins.
  • All facilities to have a cubicle sufficient for Parent/Child occupancy.
  • All male facilities to have a low level urinal for children.
  • A minimum of steps and level access where possible.

Disabled facilities (subject to site restraints)

  • A disabled toilet compliant to 1999 Building Regulations Part M, available 24 hours each day, i.e. RADAR (Royal Association For Disability and Rehabilitation) suited locking.
  • Suitable access.

Energy efficiency

  • Low energy lighting to be fitted, with photocell or timer controls.
  • Water conservation fittings to be installed at all facilities.
  • Combined wash/drier units to be installed (subject to suitability).
  • Electrical installations to be tested at least every five years.


  • All facilities to be designed to minimise vandalism but balanced with appearance.
  • All facilities to have external night time lighting.

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