Torrington Globe Consultation

Globe Hotel Torrington

The former Globe Hotel was once a bustling and iconic building in the centre of Great Torrington but has sadly stood empty and unused for the last three years. This has prompted a number of partners to join forces and start to plan for its repurposing as a community asset with community involvement and ownership at the heart of the plans which are taking shape.

Great Torrington Town Council, Torridge District Council, Petroc and The Plough Arts Centre have been working with the Architectural Heritage Fund and Real Ideas Organisation to explore how the Globe could be acquired by the community through a Community Share issue and run as a training hotel with an arts branding. The plans, which have been through a detailed viability study supported by the Architectural Heritage Fund, focus on the Globe offering up to degree-level apprenticeship training opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism- the first ever degree-level course in Torridge. The project would create an eight-bedroom boutique hotel with a restaurant and bar area. Within the Grade II Listed building the plans also propose the creation of vibrant co-working and meeting spaces, ideal for people who don't want to always work from home and who are also keen to find opportunities to work in a collaborative, innovative environment.

The next step is to get the views of as many people as possible to find out what they think of the plans and to explore how community ownership could be developed. Torridge are working with a range of funders who are excited by the project, and the survey has the potential to unlock additional expert advice and further grant funding. All of this heralds a bright new incarnation for the building benefiting residents, local businesses and the community as a whole.  

To take part in the survey click on the following link:  bit.ly/TheGlobeTorrington