Torridge BOLTS ahead with first Electric Van!

Torridge van

The zero emission van marks another step forward towards Torridge District Council's aim of being carbon neutral by 2030.

The new van replaces an older diesel model and will be used in built up areas. Not only is the electric van cleaner and quieter to use it will also be more cost effective in the future with much lower maintenance costs.

Keep an eye out for our electric van and if you see it 'snap it' and please share it on our social media pages!

Councillor Chris Leather, Lead Member for Waste and Recycling: "As a council we take climate change very seriously and the new electric van is a great example of our forward thinking. Whilst it is a small step, it is part of a wider look at the vehicles we use for local work and it could pave the way for more electric vehicles being used in the future. This isn't just good for our operational budget; it also helps Torridge work towards meeting its climate change commitments."

Councillor Peter Hames, Lead Member for Climate Change: "The purchase of the van is fantastic news and is just one of the many initiatives Torridge District Council is taking as part of its action plan to combat climate change."

Pictured inside van:

Janet Williams, Environmental Health and Community Safety Manager. (Drivers side).

Councillor Peter Hames, Lead Member for Climate Change. (Passenger).

Oct 2019