Calling Agri, Food, and Drinks Businesses in Torridge and North Devon

Business Meeting

Agri, Food, and Drinks Businesses in Torridge and North Devon are being invited to explore closer ties and reduce waste via the "Circular Economy"

A new initiative has been launched which aims to explore how to support local business in Torridge and North Devon in the transition towards a circular economy in the Agri/food/drink sector. Circular economy (CE) is defined as one in which maximum value is extracted from resources by closing loops within organisations or sharing resources between them. In this way, avoidable waste is eliminated and unavoidable waste reused or recycled. Led by Torridge and North Devon Council the approach is designed to make collaboration amongst businesses easier and help shape region-wide economic policy.

To kick-start this collaborative approach, a free workshop has been organised on Wednesday 2nd October (13.30-16.30) at Caddsdown Business Centre in Bideford. The first workshop (a second will be held in Nov / Dec) in partnership with the University of Exeter will hear from a number of key speakers on the topic, before giving delegates their say on how they perceive the transition process via interactive sessions. Research from the University of Exeter on sustainable business practice indicates that the circular approach offers many advantages and is preferable to traditional linear business models around 'take, make & waste'. The CE concept is gaining traction across many countries and industries, and is increasingly regarded as a powerful tool for achieving not only economic but also social and environmental sustainability.

Chris Fuller - Economic Development Officer at Torridge said:

"The Circular Economy Agri-food and drink study is an exciting opportunity for Torridge District Council and North Devon Council to work with the University of Exeter's Business School. We are committed to supporting our local business community to increase productivity whilst also protecting the planet by cutting down on both waste and the amount of inputs needed. This study very much fits under the People, Planet, Profit triple bottom line principle and it will be fantastic to see northern Devon's buoyant Agri-food and drink sector at the forefront of this national movement." 

Businesses can find out more by registering via this link  Circular Economy Workshop  

23 Sept 2019