Shebbear Pupils get access to latest IT equipment thanks to Torridge Grant!

Shebbear IT

Torridge District Council has contributed over £8000 towards upgrading Shebbear Community School's IT and visual equipment. Eight touch screen Learnpads (computer tablets), thirty-two Learnpad keyboards, three interactive whiteboards and four visualisers that can be linked to the whiteboards have been purchased with the help of some extra funding. The visualisers comprise of a sophisticated camera system which links with the interactive whiteboards. Classes are able to share work as a group and communicate with schools from around the world.

Due to the popularity of the school, numbers of pupils has risen by nearly 50%, since the project was first launched, so it was important to ensure all pupils had access to the best learning resources available. Learnpads are very similar to iPads and allow pupils to access educational programmes, create work and explore digital resources. A very important part of the computing curriculum involves programming and with the new keyboards, pupils can now experience the full potential of this fantastic resource.

Deputy Leader of Torridge District Council David Hurley said:

"It is fantastic that our village school is growing and it is important that all children have access to the very best learning equipment I think it's fantastic that pupils can communicate with schools from around the world and also interact with museums exploring 'virtual worlds' of the past. Our teachers and pupils deserve the best and this grant has certainly helped in providing them with state of the art equipment".