Westward Ho! Sandpipers Short Mat Bowling Club receives £5,000

Westward Ho! Bowling Club

The Sandpipers Short Mat Bowling Club has been meeting at Kingsley Hall in Westward Ho! for many years. Their membership comprises of a spritely group of senior citizens with many of their members well into their 70's but keen to stay active and fit. Gathering together three times a week to enjoy a good game of bowls is just part of the story as the club provides a focal point for people to come along and socialise as well.

Being part of the North Devon and North Cornwall Bowling Federation also adds a competitive edge to their sport and members travel widely to take part in competitive matches as well as hosting many home games, and with growing success!

With over 76 matches planned for the winter the rolling out and packing away of the 45ft x 6ft mats was proving to be a bit of a burden especially when the more active members of the club were not around to assist. Torridge District Council were approached to help out with this problem and through the Council's Community Grant Scheme £5,000 has been provided to fund an electro winding machine to take the strain out of unrolling and re-rolling the mats.

It's hoped that the new equipment will not only ease the burden of setting up but also make the group more viable for the growing number of senior citizens now choosing to reside in the area.

In a joint statement Councillor Nick Laws - Ward Member for Westward Ho! and co-sponsor Councillor Andrew Eastman, member for Appledore said:

"We were delighted to be able to support this grant for much needed equipment at the club. The club has been going from strength to strength and with many matches finishing late at night the new machinery will make a big difference to setting up and clearing up after games. It's a great sport for everyone but especially the more senior citizens in our communities. We hope that more people will continue to enjoy the improved facilities and the opportunities for socialising the club have to offer." 

12 October 2018