Friday August 31st 2018

Sarah Grey arrives with crane barge, and Pilot retires.

Pilot retire
Retiring Pilot Roger Hoad hands over to Paul Brown
 Sarah Grey And barge
Keynvor Morlifts Multicat Cat Sarah Grey towing the heavy lift barge registered in Bideford this morning.

Keynvor Morlift's Heavy lifting barge arrived this morning from Fishguard to unload a a prototype water turbine generator onto Yelland Quay . She was towed by the companys multicat tug Sarah Grey.

She will lay on the jetty until Sunday mornings tide and proceed to sea and Milford Haven for work on a jetty.

She is one of two similar crane barges owned by the company, which work around the country, and has recently returned from Scotland. The crane barge is a solidly built ex american NATO vessel dating from the 1950's, and can lift in excess of 140 tonnes.

Also this is the last pilotage job for the writer, Roger Hoad after working as pilot in the area since october 1999, and he is handing over to an experienced pilot Paul Brown who was a Pilot at Dover and lives at present in south Devon.

I have had many happy 'jobs' in the time here, and owe the success over the years to the pilot boat crew  that have endured some very unpleasant conditions at sea in the winter putting me  safely aboard a huge diversity of ships to the three different ports within the estuary. Also to my relief pilot for the many discussions and support over the years. And of course to the support from TDC fitters, and others who have kept the boat safe mechanically.

I will be continuing my time on this beautiful estuary by sailing my small yacht (at times of my choice!) as often as possible.