Annual Maintenance Works commence on Northam Burrows & Rockpool

Northam Burrows Works April 18

The coming week will see contractors carrying out annual maintenance works on some of the roads and bridges that provide access on Northam Burrows. The specific areas of work will include the regrading and filling of potholes to the track behind the pebbleridge and the relaying of the Pebbleridge Bridge. At the same time the Rockpool will be cleared of debris and cleaned.

The works are expected to take about a week to complete and may cause some slight restriction in access while they progress.

In addition to these seasonal works a new entranceway is being installed at Appledore gate; to replace the existing one which is in a bad state of repair.

Toll charges will be in place on Northam Burrows from the 5th of May and last until the end of September.

Adrian Redwood - Property and Procurement Manager said: "The works being undertaken are designed to repair and improve conditions for users. We aim to keep any disruption to a minimum but would like to thank people in advance for their patience while we carry out this essential work."

20 April 2018