Thursday 1st March 2018

Celtic Crusader and OPV Irish naval vessel.

mv CELTIC CRUSADER has finished loading her cargo of ball clay in 3 grades for CASTELLON, SPAIN and TDC crane driver Michael Pryer will trim the ship so that she attains her maximum sailing draught for the morning tide.

TDC Pilot Paul Gyurgyak and boat crew John Pavitt and Keith Stevens will attend ready to sail her from 0500 hrs tomorrow morning. At present 1611 hrs the ship awaits an electrical repair, before she can sail subject also to the forecast severe winds, in the morning.

The newbuilding Irish Naval vessel which was set to float out tomorrow afternoon, will likely be delayed now because of gale force east winds. She has until Monday morning to await a moderation in the winds.

Pilot R.Hoad departs from a previous OPV vessel built at Appledore.
  WBYATES NormH July16
le W B YATES in 2016