Tributes have been paid to an ex Torridge District councillor who has sadly passed away

Alasdair Barclay was Ward Member for Westward Ho! 1995 to 1999 and 2000 to 2003.

Councillor Jane Whittaker - Leader of Torridge District Council said: "He was such a lovely man, and so passionate about Northam Burrows and the whole local area which he served in many ways for many many years. He was another of those guiding lights for me, always there to offer help and guidance whenever it was sought. I will miss him in a number of ways but especially as a friend. My condolences to his family"

Councillor John Himan, Chair of Torridge District Council said "Alasdair will be greatly missed. He was an Alderman at Northam Town Council and had served as Mayor. As a past Warden he had a vast knowledge and was passionate about Northam Burrows. My thoughts go to all his family."

Councillor Philip Pennington, Ward Member for Monkleigh and Littleham said: "Alasdair was a real gentleman who served his community in so many ways. Thoughts are with Nick Laws and family."

Councillor Peter Christie, Ward Member for Bideford North said "Alasdair exuded Scottish bonhomie and was a mine of information on Northam Burrows. I also sat with him on the Burton Forum where his advice was always worth listening to - we will miss him."

Councillor Alison Boyle, Ward member for Kenwith said "Councillor Barclay always exuded warmth when he spoke and commitment to achieving the best for the community he was representing.  There are many who will have fond memories of him and utmost sympathy for his family."

Councillor Margaret Brown, Ward Member for Torrington said: "Alasdair was a warden for Northam Burrows and campaigned vigorously against a possible environmental disaster happening there. I remember him well when he served on committees on Torridge District Council; it was always a pleasure to be in his company at Civic Occasions when he very proudly wore the kilt. Will miss you Alasdair and your passion for your ward. RIP."

Jenny Wallace - Head of Paid Service at Torridge said: "Alasdair was a pleasure to work with. As a Councillor and as a resident, he was committed to getting what was best for the people of Westward Ho! and right to the end he was actively campaigning to protect our natural environment. Condolences to his family at this sad time."


The flag at Riverbank House will be flying at half-mast in respect.