Saturday 29th December 2017

Celtic Venture berths at Yelland Quay.

mv CELTIC VENTURE has arrived at the pilot station at 1300 hrs today from her overnight anchorage at Lundy.

The wind had increased to up to 40 knots with a rough sea and heavy swell, the ship being talked into a suitable boarding position for pilot R. Hoad and Paul Brown and safely put aboard by Thom Flaxman and Keith Stevens.

The ship took up to 20 deg of helm in the windy conditions, and the master reported that crossing the bar he had helm hard over on sevreral occasions.

Her sternpower was somewhat weak in the gale conditions (variable pitch propellor) and the bow thrust also struggled, but the ship was eventually swung through the wind and berthed port side too. She is an ex Arklow shipping ship. (Arklow Rose 2002.)

She will be discharged starting at 0400 hrs in the morning, and sailing has been arranged for 1430 hrs the same day.

The Capt and crew were Polish, and one Russian, were very pleasant and competent. The ship had a small lit christmas tree aboard, and had spent Christmas day anchored off Glensanda Scotland.