Good turnout for Northam Burrows volunteer event

Rake & Burn event Nov 17

The Northam Burrows 'Rake and Burn' event has been a 'roaring' success. Over 20 people attended the volunteer day and helped to clear dense vegetation to create better conditions for rare plants and wildlife. As well as members of the public, there were students from the Animal Conservation course at Petroc College, and representatives from the North Devon Coast AONB and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

The positive response from keen volunteers meant that the Rangers had to find extra tools for the event and were kindly loaned rakes and forks by the North Devon Biosphere, The Royal North Devon Golf Club and The National Trust.

One of the species the event hoped to benefit is the Brown-banded carder bee. Dr Cathy Horsley from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust explained

'one of the last remaining strongholds in Devon for the Brown-banded carder bee is at Braunton Burrows, which is just over the water from Northam Burrows. By encouraging more wild flowers at Northam, this could help support this nationally declining bumblebee, as well as a wide range of other invertebrates.'

Lead Member for Community Culture & Leisure - Councillor Phil Pennington thanked the volunteers for their contribution

'it is fantastic to see the local community engaged in the important conservation work that takes place on Northam Burrows. We are very grateful to all the public that attended, as well the other organisations who helped to make the day a success'.

If you are interested in future volunteer events on Northam Burrows please contact the Ranger service at northam.burrows@torridge.gov.uk

07 December 2017