August 25th 2017

CELTIC MARINER sails to Spain last Tuesday. Deo Gloria.

Celtic Mariner at Bideford Quay Aug 17 Norm
Norman Hardaker photo of the ship departing from Bideford Quay last Tuesday.

mv CELTIC MARINER sailed last Tuesday at 1850 hrs with a draught of 4.8m ford and 4.78m aft with 2800 tonnes of best North Devon Ball clay in two grades.

loading on the first day had been problematic with a lorry hydraulic leak on the loading area, and a short further delay with the TDC crane, whilst a hydraulic pipe was replaced (a spare pipe was to hand).

Nevertheless the cargo was completed on time for her sailing on the next days evening tide,  and with a passage of some 7 days or so to the Mediterranean port of CASTELLON.

Her mainly Polish crew (1 Russian) were efficient in their duties and pleasant and had enjoyed a very rare visit to a quay within the centre of a town here at Bideford.

Weather conditions were good, with a small cut in the high tide level.

Dredger Deo Gloria, having completed her pilotage exemption requirements for her present Master with a TDC pilot last Monday, has subsequently completed some 7 cargoes in addition to her piloted arrival on Monday evening to stock up the large amount of sand at yelland.

She dredges on the Helwick sands, which is at the limit of her dredge pipe length at about 25 metres depth, which must be completed at low waterand takes about an hour to fully load.

Her pleasant young Dutch officers, and crew (with Phillipino crew also), work hard and the Dutch contingent work two weeks on and two weeks off.

The ship is notable for having a telescopic spud leg to hold her position, the ability to dump mud through her bottom when maintenance dredging, the ability to 'wet' discharge her cargo swiftly through pipelines where suitable shore lagoons are available and to 'rainbow' her sand through a bow pipeline for beach nourishment.

At yelland she is discharged by grab crane, which takes about 2 hours or so.

After her campaign on these Spring tides the ship may return to Liverpool, Garston, to supply local facilities with sand.

Next ships expected are a stone shipment to yelland in early September, and another Ball clay shipment from Bideford to CASTELLON around the 18th of September.