Local Plan Consultation and Search for Development Sites

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Final round of consultation for Local Plan

The final round of consultation on the draft North Devon and Torridge Local Plan has started.

The Local Plan sets out how North Devon and Torridge will develop up to 2031. It shows what development the area needs and where it might be located during this time. Officers and councillors from North Devon Council and Torridge District Council have been working on the document together.

Lead Member for Planning at Torridge District Council, Councillor Pete Watson, said:  

"The modifications that are being put out for consultation relate to the parts of the plan that the Inspector thought needed some changes during the hearing sessions last year. We are confident that the changes that are proposed address the issues that were raised and that they will enable the plan to move forward towards adoption."

The consultation starts on 20 July 2017 and lasts for six weeks (until 1 September 2017). Local residents and organisations can have their say online here Online Local Plan Consultation - Paper copies of the proposed modifications can also be viewed at the councils' offices and at libraries across North Devon and Torridge.

Modifications made to the plan were requested by the Planning Inspector during examination hearings in November and December last year. They are needed to comply with national policy and to make sure the plan will be found sound when the inspector resumes the examination later this year before being adopted by both authorities, scheduled for the end of this year. 

Councils' search for potential housing sites

Local residents with land that has previously been developed and suitable for housing are being encouraged to tell their council about it.

North Devon Council and Torridge District Council are each putting together a Brownfield Land Register to identify and assess available previously developed land and buildings, known as brownfield land, which has the potential to be used for housing in the future.

To be eligible for the register, land or buildings must be suitable for residential development and have an area of at least 0.25 hectares or be capable of accommodating at least five homes. Sites within main towns and villages across both districts  are especially welcomed.

Lead Member for Planning at Torridge District Council, Councillor Pete Watson said:

"Communities are being invited to highlight local derelict or underused buildings and sites that could be used for housing. These sites will then be assessed to see whether they could be brought back into productive use to provide homes to meet housing needs, which in the longer term should help to protect our valued countryside."

The 'call for sites' starts on Thursday 20 July  and last for six weeks until 1 September 2017.  More information as well as details about how to register a potential site can be found online here Online Brown Field Site Register

Both North Devon Council and Torridge District Council will publish their registers by the 31st December 2017 and keep them updated following this.

Sites put forward during the call for sites, as well as those identified by the councils, will be assessed for their sustainability and suitability for housing as well as when they could be developed in the future. If a site is identified it doesn't automatically mean that it will be added to the register or granted planning permission in the future.

20 July 2017