Blo-Karting Comes to Westward Ho!

Blo-Kart Westward Ho!

Following a recent Community & Resources committee meeting members have given the green light to allow Blo-Karting at Westward Ho! The 12 month trial will allow Blo-Kart enthusiasts from around the Country to sail their karts around the sand sports zone of the award winning beach.

A Blo-kart is a 3 wheeled kart that uses a sail much like a small dinghy to propel itself along a suitable surface. The hard sand and sea breezes make Westward Ho! an ideal spot for the sport not to mention the stunning backdrop provided by mother nature. The sport originally took off in New Zealand in 1999 and its invention is attributed to Paul Beckett. The karts compact, easily transported and highly manoeuvrable design means that it has an ever growing fan base around the world and here in the UK.

Councillor Philip Pennington - Lead Member for Community, Culture and Leisure said:

"Blo-Karting is an exciting and fast growing sport in the UK which is both fun to take part in and watch. We are delighted to be able to add a further sport to those already permitted at the resort, which already includes kite surfing, kite buggies amongst others. We hope that opening up the area to Blo-Karter's will attract enthusiasts from up and down the country and add to the growing appeal of Westward Ho! as a tourist destination."

Sean Kearney - Commercial and Leisure Services Manager said:

"Its great to be able to offer Blo-kart enthusiasts access to one of the best beaches in the UK on which to enjoy their sport. The area set aside for Blo-kart's is already designated for sand sports and we hope people will use it responsibly during the trial period and make sure they have the necessary 3rd party liability insurance in place. I personally think this has got to be one of the best venues for the sport in the UK and the resort has many other attractions enthusiasts will be able to enjoy during their stay"

The British Land Speedsail Association (BLSA) is the national governing body in the UK for Blo-Karting and more information on how to enjoy the sport responsibly can be found on their website www.theblsa.com

18 July 2017