Councillors donate £350 towards new book with "Tarka the Otter" connection

Tarka the Otter Book

Torridge Councillors Mervyn Langmead and Tony Inch have made part of their Councillor grant available to the Businesses of Bideford group who hope to produce a new book about how the "Tarka the Otter" statue came into being. The book is due to be published in November and will cover the story about how the group raised the money for the statue and the connection the area has to the world famous story.

The working title for the book is "Tarka - an otters tale" and all proceeds from the book will be used to fund further community projects in the EX39 area.

Councillor Mervyn Langmead said:

"The statue has already been a huge draw for visitors to Bideford and this book will be a great companion piece. Hopefully it will also bring the areas connection to the "Tarka the Otter" story to the attention of a wider audience and boost further tourism for the area"

Councillor Tony Inch said:

"I'm glad we were able to make a small contribution to this exciting book project. It will also help the legacy of the statue live on in many other projects that the group hope to fund through future book sales. We'd like to wish the group every success in their ambitions"

Tonia Quance from Businesses of Bideford said:

"We would like to thank our Councillors for their contribution towards taking the book project forward. We hope it will be a great opportunity to showcase local artists, businesses and our connection to the Tarka story. If we can build on the success of the statue it will also provide funds that we can use to deliver other projects in the area."

Picture shows L-R Councillor Tony Inch, Councillor Mervyn Langmead, Christine Room & Tonia Quance from Businesses of Bideford, TDC Commercial & Leisure Services Officer Peter Soper.

17 July 2017