New Advanced Recycling Vehicles to be trialled across Torridge

Romaquip Recycling Vehicle

From 4th to the 12th May the Councils Waste & Recycling Service will be trialling a new Dry Recycling Vehicle - the "Romaquip".  Following training for operatives the vehicle will be joining regular kerbside rounds throughout the District during the trials period.

The "Romaquip" is a kerbside recycling vehicle that will allow the sorting of recycling materials as they are loaded onto the vehicle. The thinking behind the trial is that this will allow for a more efficient unloading process without the need for further sorting while improving the quality of materials by sorting them at source. The trial period will allow the Council to assess the vehicles performance and capabilities in both urban and rural parts of the District but will not impact on collections.

TDC Waste and Recycling Manager - Richard Haste said:

"The trial is part of the Councils dry recycling vehicle fleet review which is aimed at delivering an improved, more efficient and sustainable service to our residents. More trials of other recycling vehicles will be scheduled for 2017 before any fleet renewal decisions are taken. It is vital that we assess all vehicle options to ensure we obtain not only the best value for money but also that the benefits of any system can be accurately gauged and measured in a real life situation. We want any changes to not only provide us with the most efficient service but also encourage improved levels of recycling and improvements in the variety and quality of the materials collected. The trials will help in showing us which options are best suited to helping us achieve these goals".

02 May 2017